Terms and Conditions

Our Terms & Conditions apply to all bookings & payments made.Updated April 16th, 2022


With our flexible booking system, you pay for a ‘member’s pass’ which enables you to stay and eat at the Retreat and participate in our program. The passes come in different durations but the length is clearly stated. The duration represents the number of nights that you can stay at the Retreat.


  • If you arrive Monday 1st May and leave Tuesday 2nd May, that is one night.
  • If you arrive Monday 1st May and leave Monday 8th May, that is 1 week.
  • If you arrive Monday 1st May and leave 1st June, that is one month.

Members’ passes are valid indefinitely – no expiry date.


Check in time 2.00pm-5.00pm. Check out time 11.00am. If you are booked into a room and/or your belongings are in the room then a night is counted towards your credit – even if you sleep elsewhere.

Membership cards are valid only for the person named on the card, they are not transferable.

Note that we have Out of Hours Checking Fees and Checking Fees for arriving on a Sunday:

  • If arriving between 6 PM – 8 PM (or 9 AM – 8 PM if arriving on a Sunday), there is an additional checking fee of $30 USD.
  • If arriving between 8 PM – 9 AM, there is an additional checking fee of $50 USD.


Unlimited rescheduling of dates free of charge with 7 days notice. Rescheduling at 4-6 days notice: each night charged at half price. Rescheduling with 3 days notice or less; each night charged fully.


Unlimited By buying a ‘member’s pass’ you are buying credit with us, measured in the number of nights that you can stay. We will absolutely honour this credit and you can take your stay whenever you want. Changing dates is possible, so is splitting your credit between a number of shorter stays.


  • You buy 4 weeks credit. You can stay for 2 weeks, then return of 10 nights, then return for another 4 nights.
  • There is no time limit on your credit – it does not expire.
  • Your credit is not refundable unless you have bought our insurance – in which case any unused credit will be refunded to you on request.


If you buy our cancellation insurance package then in the case of cancellation 7 days before arrival, any money paid will be refunded. After arrival, a refund will be made as follows:

Cost of stay. We will calculate the cost of the stay up to the point of departure, deduct this from the total cost paid and then refund the difference. For example, if you were to book for one month then decide to leave after 3 days we would deduct the cost of a 3 day stay as advertised (include a link) from the cost of the one month stay and refund the difference. Stays of less than 1 day will be charged as 1 day.

In the case that we are not given 7 days notice of cancellation, we will charge half price for days cancelled at day 4-6 days notice but full price for days cancelled at 1-3 days’ notice.

Intensive introductory course. We will refund the cost of any lessons not taken at $20.00 per lesson.

Taxi bookings will be refunded if cancelled 7 days or more in advance.

The cost of the insurance is not refundable.

Insurance cannot be applied to bookings made through third-party platforms such as, but not limited to, Tripaneer, BookMartialArts, TripAdvisor, etc.

Full details of our insurance scheme can be found by clicking here.


If making payment by Bank Transfer, please be aware that we count the payment according to how much we receive so if the payment arrives short, we will ask you for the balance.


We recognise that for people to thrive they need a supportive environment in which they feel safe, valued and wanted. Consistent with this we have a behaviour code. Anyone behaving in a way that is not consistent with our behaviour code / rules will be politely and non confrontationally asked to do so and offered help if needed. If the offending behaviour continues despite multiple requests to change or someone refuses outright to behave as requested or in the case of very serious misconduct the person responsible will be asked to take a cooling off period during which they consider their position. This will lead to a meeting with the most senior instructor available who will explain clearly what the person needs to do in order to reintegrate and begin training again. Should the person not agree to follow the behaviour code, another meeting will be offered after a further cooling off period of not less than 4 weeks.

Click here for more information.

Bottom line: mistakes can be forgiven, ongoing refusal to follow the rules can not.


We will deliver training as described on this website to the best of our ability. We constantly seek to improve our performance and so will make minor changes periodically to the program / timetable. We pride ourselves in being a top school in traditional kung fu. We do not teach other martial arts unless advertised as a special course so anyone seeking to learn muay Thai, MMA, jiu jitsu etc would be best advised to look for a school specialising in one of these arts.


Paying for an Instructor course does not guarantee passing the course or receiving a teachers certificate.

To pass, you will need to:

  • Attend the lessons. A minimum attendance rate of 85% (Kung Fu Instructor course) / 80% (Qigong Instructor Course) is required
  • Conduct yourself in a fashion worth of an instructor – i.e. with dignity and respsect. Follow our code of conduct.
  • Make a reasonable effort with your training.
  • Most people will pass. Displays of bad character, rudness aggression, disrespect, argument and similar may stand in the way of your receiving a teacher’s certificat. We expect anyone representing us as a teacher lead by example with good character values.

Teacher certificates need to be renewed every 2 years by either completing 14 days of training per 2 years or completing a 1 week instructor’s refresher course.


Sorry but we do not accept liability for any injuries, sickness or similar that you might get while staying / training with us. We are very safety conscious and make great effort to avoid injury to our students. Should any student suffer injury or fall sick whilst with us we will do our best to provide help, support and resources but we will not accept any liability. For this reason we recommend that anyone who choses to train with us ensures that their travel insurance covers them for any possible injuries that they might sustain or sicknesses they might contract.


Sadly there are many circumstances which are beyond our control. We do not accept responsibility for them and do not offer compensation for them. This is a matter for travel insurance. Of course if you have bought our insurance package you will get a refund without question. Such circumstances include but are not limited to: war, civil unrest, fire, flood, drought, weather, pollution, power cut, interruption of telephone / internet access, natural or man made disaster, terrorism, war, acts of god(s) etc.


We do our best to solve any disputes amicably, ethically and compassionately and have never yet had to resort to court action. In the event that this should ever occur, Kung Fu Retreat is a trading name of Nam Yang (Thailand) Ltd, a Thai company trading in Thailand. All disputes will be decided in Thai courts under Thai law.


We will sometimes take photographs and make videos and use them for social media and marketing. By booking with us you agree to let us use your image unless: either let us know when you book or else before the photography/videography takes place that you do not give permission for your image to be used.


By making a purchase through this website, you agree to the terms of the privacy policy.

The Company may change, add, suspend, cancel, remove or otherwise modify the services offered on this website at any time without prior notice.

The Company reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. In the event that any changes are made, the revised terms and conditions shall be posted on this website immediately. Please check the latest information posted herein to inform yourself of any changes.