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Welcome to the Nam Yang Kung Fu Retreat

International Martial Arts, Kung Fu, and Meditation Training Retreat in Pai, Thailand

Residential Kung Fu training, including meals, starting from $32 US per day
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The Nam Yang Mountain Retreat is a residential martial arts and meditation training retreat located near the town of Pai in northern Thailand, where students of martial arts or people simply interested in learning about martial arts and meditation during their travels can come for any length of time and learn multiple of forms of Chinese Kung Fu for combat and self-defense, as well as Chi Kung and mediation for health, enlightenment and vitality. We have world famous Masters of Shaolin Kung Fu and Chi Kung (both hard and soft) who speak fluent English.

Why choose us?

  • Small class sizes. Our class sizes range between 1 and 20 with up to six teachers (usually 2 – 5). You will not find your self stuck at the back of a group of 200 students straining to see what the guy at the front is trying to demonstrate.
  • Fluent English. All of our teachers speak genuinely fluent English, including Grand Master Tan. You will not need to rely on getting the attention of a translator.
  • Real kung fu wisdom. We live the way of kung fu and teach kung fu philosophy, spirituality, history strategy, culture and traditions alongside practicing its physical aspects.

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We proudly offer the following:

The Nam Yang Tat Mo Mountain Training Camp in ThailandThe Nam Yang Tat Mo Mountain Training Camp in Thailand

Beautiful Thailand Location

If you have ever been to Thailand before, you will know that there is nowhere like it! We love Thailand, which is why we are here. We offer a unique opportunity to pursue Chinese martial arts seriously whilst enjoying the fantastic Thai atmosphere in the area of Pai – set in the Mountains of Northern Thailand.All of our training areas have breathtaking mountain views which change constantly according to weather, season and time of day. They give an emotional charge which helps us train that bit better. If you are considering going to train in Asia, why not train somewhere nice?

Our world-class teachersLeft: Master IainMiddle: Grand Master Tan Soh TinRight : Master Dougal Simmons

Famous International Teachers

We endeavour to engage the best international kung fu masters. All of our teachers are long term members of Nam Yang and all teach the same arts – no confusion, no contradictions. Grand Master Tan Soh Tin has 64 years of martial arts experience behind him and is the head of Nam Yang. Iain Armstrong has 34 years experience, is a two-time world champion and is head of Nam Yang UK. All teachers speak perfectly fluent English. Nam Yang is an international organisation and our teachers are used to dealing with people from a wide range of cultures and backgrounds and our instructors are always excited to take on new students.Read more about our kung fu teachers

Kung Fu training in the mountainsKung Fu training in the mountainsKung Fu training in the mountains

First Class Arts

As part of the Nam Yang kung fu family, our arts are part of the direct Shaolin lineage as founded by the monk Tat Moh (Boddhidharma) approx. 520AD.They are not modernised or simplified. They are some of the most effective still practised. We build mind, body, spirit and energy. We build confidence, self respect and self esteem. We know what sets our students apart is not the art they practice, but who they become during the process – we strive to give people an opportunity to grow as individuals. We train in:

Quality Food

Eating at the Mountain Training Camp Quality food is essential for martial artists in hard training. We have our own kitchen garden, herb garden and fruit trees. We hope soon to be fully self sufficient for rice, largely self sufficient for vegetables and to produce much of our own fruit.What we don’t grow ourselves, we choose carefully. We prepare local style food but use selected medicinal herbs to improve its value. Our diet is calculated to best support our Kung Fu training, mediation and vitality: we understand that we are what we eat! Read more about our food, home farm and herbal medicine.

Comfortable Living Quarters

example of roomAt the Kung Fu Retreat, we offer comfortable facilities with beds, shelf spaces, toilets and bathrooms in every room. The retreat is also outfitted with widely available electricity and wifi. Room specifications.

A Friendly Environment

_MG_0629In Nam Yang, we believe that providing a social environment is vital to fostering a positive training and meditation experience. There is always exposure to great new people, and many of our visitors come away forming relationships that they will hold on to for the rest of their lives. Many of our students return year after year.

Top Notch Training Facilities

_MG_6302_3_4_tonemappedOur covered training area is 13m by 13m and fully covered in good quality mats. It is roofed but has open sides so that a breeze flows through. This design means that it can be used throughout the day, even when hot.Our open training area is 18m by 18m with stunning views and a concrete floor.Our ‘Kung Fu Gym’ is being completely re built to a very high standard and will re open September 2015.We have a dedicated meditation / prayer room, a library, and now a tree house for meditation and quiet contemplation.Read more about our training facilities

A Great Town Nearby

Pai pic We are a 5-10 minute ride / drive from the centre of town. Pai is a tourist town with very many amenities and a lot going on. There is every opportunity to hit the town and have some fun when you are not training. Read more about Pai

Small Groups, Personalized Training & Choice of Courses

Personalised training Our group sizes are small. Numbers range from 1 – 20 averaging about 10. Our training is tailored to suit the individuals present: real Kung Fu is not something which can be mass produced. We interview each of our students on arrival so as to best understand their needs and aspirations and do our best to give exactly what is wanted.We will be happy to give you an estimate how many other people will be staying at the time when you want to book. Our basic kung fu training program is the ‘Shaolin Warrior Program‘ which we have refined over the last seven years to get the absolute best out of everyone who comes here. We also run an intensive introductory course to get people off to a quick start and private tuition for those who want. Check out our range of courses now!

Fresh Air

All of our training involves Chi Kung. Put in the simplest terms, this involves breathing in fresh chi energy.The north of Thailand is world famous for having some of the world’s best chi, which flows down from the Himalayan mountains, the roof of the world. We are located so as to make our Chi Kung as effective as possible by taking advantage of the best quality chi. It works – as you will very quickly find out when you come to train with us.

A Fair Price

We offer residential training with meals starting from $32.00US per day Depending on length of stay). These prices are highly competitive by Thai standards and ridiculously cheap by western standards (consider the cost of food and accommodation in the west, never mind training), making the Nam Yang Kung Fu Retreat a truly unique place.Check our trip advisor reviews to see what our students got from their time with us.Use our contact form to get a personal reply answering any questions you might have. :)Go ahead – see what kung fu can do for YOU.logo_Low_Res 2