What are you paying for? You pay for a course of training with meals, accommodation, etc. We will specify at the time of booking exactly what you are paying for. The payment is for the whole package. If you miss lessons, meals etc this does not entitle you to credit, refund etc.

Duration of stay.
We charge according to how long you stay. It works like this:
If you arrive Monday 1st May and leave Tuesday 2nd May, that is one day.
If you arrive Monday 1st May and leave Monday 8th May, that is 1 week.
If you arrive Monday 1st May and leave 1st June, that is one month.

Your deposit secures your booking. Once we have received your deposit we will not book that space to anyone else. Deposits are only returnable if you have bought our cancelation insurance package, in which case they are refundable in full. If you choose not to buy our insurance package we strongly advise you to buy one of the many commercial packages available.

Change of date.
If you contact us at least 48 hours in advance and ask to change the dates of your stay we will usually be able to accommodate this. The only event in which we will not is that you ask to change to a time when we are already fully booked.

Credit / Refunds.
A balance of payment for your course is due on arrival. Once paid it is only returnable if you have bought our cancelation insurance package.

If you decide to take time out during your stay or leave early and have not bought our insurance package we will hold the time that you have paid for in credit to be added to the end of your stay or against future stays. For example if you leave for 4 days and come back, you can either have 4 more days on the end of your stay or credit for 4 days in the future. This arrangement applies if you notify us in advance and clear your room, (you are welcome to leave bags, cases etc with us for safe keeping). If you leave 4 days early we will credit you with 4 days stay in the future.

We ask that everyone staying at the Kung Fu Retreat conducts themselves in accordance with our ethos. Full details here. Anyone behaving in a way that is not consistent with our behaviour code / rules will be politely and non confrontationally asked to do so and offered help if needed. If the offending behaviour continues despite multiple requests to change or someone refuses outright to behave as requested or in the case of very serious misconduct the person responsible will be asked to leave without refund and not return. We have been open since May 2008 and have never yet asked a student to leave but reserve the right to do so if the circumstances justify.

We will deliver training as described on this website to the best of our ability. We constantly seek to improve our performance and so will make minor changes periodically to the program / timetable. We pride ourselves in being a top school in traditional kung fu. We do not teach other martial arts unless advertised as a special course so anyone seeking to learn muay Thai, MMA, jiu jitsu etc would be best advised to look for a school specialising in one of these arts.

Injury / Sickness Liability
We are very safety conscious and make great effort to avoid injury to our students. Should any student suffer injury or fall sick whilst with us we will do our best to provide help, support and resources but we will not accept any liability. For this reason we recommend that anyone who choses to train with us ensures that their travel insurance covers them for any possible injuries that they might sustain or sicknesses they might contract.

Sorry but we do not accept liability for any injuries, sickness or similar that you might egt while staying / training with us.

Disasters or Unusual Circumstances.
Sadly there are many circumstances which are beyond our control. We do not accept responsibility for them and do not offer compensation for them. This is a matter for travel insurance. Of course if you have bought our insurance package you will get a refund without question. Such circumstances include but are not limited to: war, civil unrest, fire, flood, drought, weather, pollution, power cut, interruption of telephone / internet access, natural or man made disaster, terrorism, war, acts of god(s), alien invasion etc.

We do our best to solve any disputes amicably, ethically and compassionately and have never yet had to resort to court action. In the event that this should ever occur, Kung Fu Retreat is a trading name of Nam Yang (Thailand) Ltd, a Thai company trading in Thailand. All disputes will be decided in Thai courts under Thai law.

Insurance Scheme:

The terms are:

If booking is cancelled before arrival, any money paid will be refunded, including deposit, intensive introductory course and any goods which have been ordered but not received. Taxi bookings will be refunded if cancelled 7 days or more in advance. The cost of the insurance is not refundable. If booking is cancelled after arrival, a refund will be made as follows: Cost of stay. We will calculate the cost of the stay up to the point of departure, deduct this from the total cost paid and then refund the difference. For example, if you were to book for one month then decide to leave after 3 days we would deduct the cost of a 3 day stay as advertised from the cost of the one month stay and refund the difference. Stays of less than 1 day will be charged as 1 day.

Intensive introductory course. We will refund the cost of any lessons not taken at $20.00 per lesson.

Taxi bookings will be refunded if cancelled 7 days or more in advance.

The cost of the insurance is not refundable.

Members’ Passes Terms & Conditions

Our normal Terms & Conditions (written above) also apply to our Members’ Passes Terms and Conditions.  The Members’ Passes Terms and Conditions also include:

The duration of the membership card is counted according to the number of nights spent at the Retreat. E.g. a 1 week membership card entitles you to 7 nights at the Retreat.
Membership is valid indefinitely – no expiry date.
Membership can be retained as long as you wish but is not refundable.
Payment in full secures the promotional rice.
Check in time 2.00pm.  Check out time 11.00am.  If you are booked into a room and/or your belongings are in the room then a night is counted towards your credit – even if you sleep elsewhere.
Unlimited rescheduling of dates free of charge with 7 days notice.
Rescheduling at 4-6 days notice: each night charged at half price.
Rescheduling with 3 days notice or less; each night charged fully.
Membership cards are valid only for the person named on the card, they are not transferable.
Members are required to follow the group rules.  Mistakes can be forgiven.  Ongoing refusal to floor the rules, even after warnings, will ultimately result in termination of membership with no refund.

Privacy Policy

By making a purchase through this website, you to the terms of the privacy policy

Sanctuary Promotion Terms & Conditions

Our normal Terms & Conditions (written above) also apply to our Sanctuary Promotion Terms and Conditions.  The Sanctuary Promotion Terms and Conditions also include

There is total flexibility with start dates. This means there is no 3 year credit limit on this promotion – You can start any date you wish.
The cost and payments made are not refundable.  Our Insurance Scheme is not available on this promotion.

This offer is only available until July 31st, 2021.
You must book in full June/July for the promotion to apply.

Total Flexibility with start date: you can book now and start any time that you want. So no need to worry about travel restrictions! No time limit.
This also means there is no 3 year credit limit on this promotion.

Total reschedule flexibility: even after you have told us your arrival date you can still change with no penalty.
Payment in full secures the promotional rice.
Cost and payments made are not refundable. Out Insurance scheme is not available on this promotion