The magnificent surroundings of Mae Hong Son

We aim to offer everyone the Kung Fu and Chi Kung holiday of a lifetime, and are blessed to be able to work in a beautiful area. The Nam Yang Kung Fu Retreat is located in Mae Hong Son, a remote province in North West Thailand. This location provides verdant, fertile land which allows us to grow much of our own food and enjoy practising Kung Fu in stunning and serene surroundings. There are few other locations on Earth which host such a level of natural beauty.

Mae Hong Son roughly translates to “The Land of Mist”; the terrain is almost always shrouded in a cover of mist, lending an almost ethereal aesthetic. It’s the most mountainous province in Thailand, and we are located in a spot overlooking the Pai river valley, within the North of Mae Hong Son. The landscape is dominated by high mountains covered in forests. In fact, many parts of the province are covered with rainforest, many of which are national forest reserves.

The sun rises in the East, and you will witness this breathtaking sight during your morning training session as you practice your Chi Kung. It sets over the Western mountains, often as the evening training sessions begin. The mountain mists often shroud the rising sun, and the sun will get hotter as it continues to rise in the sky. During the hotter parts of the day you will be able to rest and bask in the cool and refreshing mountain air.

Reachable directly via flights to and from Chiang Mai, the province is growing incredibly popular with tourists. One of the main tourist areas of Mae Hong Son is the town of Pai. Our retreat is a thirty minute walk away from the town centre, and motorcycle taxis can be hired to travel to and from the town. The popularity of Mae Hong Son means that it has transformed into a tourist hotspot. This small, rural town has become an important hub for visitors from around the world, with a variety of bars and restaurants to enjoy and many market stalls selling local foods. The area is also known for its amazing locally grown tea.

Further afield from Pai, there are numerous other attractions, including picturesque tribal villages and even elephant riding. Given the rugged nature of the landscape, the many mountains and rainforests, walking is one of the primary modes of transportation. On foot, you can witness the spectacular views, the beautiful indigenous wildlife and the hill tribes who live amongst the Thai highlands.

When you visit our retreat, you will be able to enjoy all this and even more. We can offer you your dream Chi Kung holiday whilst our surroundings allow you to experience some of the best natural beauty that Thailand has to offer.