The importance of stretching in martial arts

As we age, our muscles tend to become tighter and less flexible, restricting our movements and resulting in aches and pains. However, stretching can help to combat this and promote stronger, healthier, more elastic muscles. Flexibility is very important when practising martial arts, which is why we incorporate an hour of stretching and active workouts each afternoon at our qi gong retreat.

Our conditioning routines incorporate elements from various different athletics and martial arts disciplines, as well as elements of yoga. They are designed to help you to move more freely and comfortably and boost your endurance, resulting in more successful and productive training sessions. Safety and correct technique are always prioritised during these routines, and our highly experienced instructors will be on hand to help you every step of the way, ensuring that you are stretching in the most beneficial ways and are not at risk of injury.

Stretching provides many physical benefits for the body. It helps to loosen the muscles and tendons, relieving pain and fatigue. It also promotes better circulation, aiding the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the muscles and getting them ready for exercise. By conditioning your muscles before and after training, you are minimising your risk of muscular injuries and tears, and will be able to recover more quickly.

Stretching does not only have physical benefits, but also emotional and mental ones, helping to focus and calm the mind and relieve stress. Stretching routines teach you how to relax your body effectively, which can be a great boost to feelings of wellbeing and self esteem.

Many of the people who come to stay with us report a range of positive effects from their regular stretching routine, including better sleep, improved posture and greater flexibility. All of these will serve you well both during your training and after you return home.