Apprenticeships & Scholarships

Apprentice instructorship

Successfully completing the full internship (link) qualifies you to apply for an apprentice instructor’s position.  Apprentice instructors continue their kung fu journey at the nominal price of $250 / month.


This position is for those who have proved to be serious about embarking on a life of Kung Fu.  To be accepted as an apprentice instructor you will need to have proved that you can function well as an instructor, are serious about learning Kung Fu and, most importantly, can demonstrate strong character values.  In other words, that you have a genuine intention to ‘live the spirit of kung fu’.



Scholarships will be awarded to those who have demonstrated good character and dedication as well as an ability to teach.  A scholarship enables you to continue at the Retreat free of charge as part of the instructor team. The minimum requirement for a scholarship is to have successfully completed 6 months as an apprentice instructor.  Scholarships will not be awarded automatically after 6 months, though. Every person will be considered individually.


Please understand that apprenticeships and scholarships have to be earned through diligence, perseverance, strength of character and ‘living the spirit of kung fu’.