Support your training with a beneficial diet

When you practise a martial art it is important you get the right nutrition to complement your instruction. This will help you to successfully progress to your goals and enjoy the full benefits of your training sessions. Nutritious foods will help you to build muscle and give your body the fuel it needs to get through the training and advance.

At Nam Yang Kung Fu Retreat we provide holiday packages specifically for people who wish to practise martial arts in beautiful surroundings. We welcome visitors from all over the world and give them the chance to learn from highly experienced instructors with a great passion for their discipline. Guests can stay with us for as long as they like and receive professional training for the entire duration.

We provide a complete holiday experience so that visitors don’t need to worry about anything. We offer comfortable accommodation with all essential facilities, and our visitors can choose from either private or shared rooms depending on their preference. We also ensure we cater for dietary needs and offer quality food designed to support martial arts training. We have our own kitchen garden and grow both herbs and fruit, and we are largely self sufficient when it comes to rice, ensuring we provide a quality staple for all diets. Whatever produce we don’t grow, we source very carefully to ensure it is excellent quality.

Much of the cuisine we offer is vegetarian and includes plenty of nutritious fruits and vegetables. Fish and meat are provided with some meals and we will always do our best to cater for specialist diets. Additionally the local town offers cuisine from around the world.

Instructors and guests all eat together, creating a stronger bond between them and boosting the social side of the experience. We encourage people to train in a group, supporting each other every step of the way, and communal dining is an important part of this. During meals guests will have plenty of time to ask questions and find out more about the arts they are practising.

At Nam Yang Kung Fu Retreat guests can have a fantastic martial arts holiday complete with first rate training and all of the support they need. To find out more please visit our website; there is a wealth of information available so you can find out more about what we have to offer.