Simone Kinnius is part of the support team here at Nam Yang

After completing her Business studies, Simone travelled through South East Asia, New Zealand and Australia looking for something she was really passionate about living a healthy life: physically as well as mentally. Wanting to find work with these goals in mind she came across Nam Yang where she could train as a student, practice Chi Kung and enjoy all the retreat offered. As well as this she offers her valuable skills to the team and has joined the Nam Yang family not as a teacher but instead using her talents in our Marketing team. Now, being part of the Marketing team at the Nam Yang Kung Fu Retreat allows her to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle and apply her skills in order to reach out to as many of our students and future students as possible in order to share this lifestyle! Simone’s involvement with our training here at Nam Yang make her value all the more greater, not only can she explain what we do here to our perspective students but she can also offer her own experiences and perspective forward.