As well as our teachers we have a great support team looking after us all.  These are the people who keep us fed, housed, healthy and generally looked after.

Miss Pu

‘Miss Pu’ (pronounced Boo) is the unsung hero of the Kung Fu Retreat.  She manages all of the administration and finance, runs the workforce, manages the water, electricity, internet and gas, makes sure that we have food to eat and fixes all of the niggling little problems which constantly arise.  She also manages all of the building work and managed the building of the whole Retreat from its beginnings as a soya bean field without so much as a road or a water supply!

She achieves all of this whilst coping with two hyperactive children and being married to Master Iain.

Miss Pu comes from the very South East of Thailand and has a Master’s degree in Anaesthesia Nursing.  If she can’t fix it for you – give up!


Nee has worked at the Kung Fu Retreat off and on since about 2009.  His best skills include smiling at everyone, cooking and drinking Lao Kao – the local rice spirit.  He can, however, turn his hand to just about everything and is very useful in an emergency.  Nee is of Shan ethnicity.  He speaks Shan, reads Burmese (which he learned when he was a monk!) and also speaks passable Thai.

Nee is married and has an indeterminable number of children scattered around the North of Thailand.


Leung means ‘uncle’ – a term of respect for older people in Thai.  He is our gardener and chief builder.  He is very good at growing vegetables and keeping the trees looked after and helps with most of the other work as well.  He seems to have grown in happiness since he came to work with us.  Leung is ethnic Shan.  He migrated from Burma to Thailand quite recently and speaks Shan plus a little heavily accented Thai.  He is much more a ‘doer’ than a talker.

Leung is married with a daughter.

Pi Bok

‘Pi’ is a term denoting someone older than your self but not as old as, say, your parents’ generation.  So her name is ‘Bok’.

Pi Bok is our massage therapist and has been for many years now.  She is very experienced at Thai massage and gets right down deep into the tissues.  She can also do oil massage and herb massage.  When needed she helps out with other jobs around the Retreat and she likes to come with us when we arrange outings and social events.  Pi Bok is very friendly.  She is ethnic Shan but was born in Thailand.  She speaks both languages and reads Thai fluently.  She also speaks a little English.

Pi Bok is widowed with an adult daughter and son.


Iris has been working for the Nam Yang Kung Fu Retreat remotely as an administrative assistant since 2014. She has been working in the customer service industry for more than nine years. With her extensive experience in this field, strong work ethics, and dedication to Nam Yang's ethos and core values, she is always happy and ready to give a helping hand to the students. She works with Master Iain and the rest of the kung fu instructors in tasks such as answering the students' enquiries, booking the students in, and helping the students plan for their marvelous time and life-changing journey at the Nam Yang Kung Fu Retreat.


After completing her Business studies, Simone travelled through South East Asia, New Zealand and Australia looking for something she was really passionate about living a healthy life: physically as well as mentally. Wanting to find work with these goals in mind she came across Nam Yang where she could train as a student, practice Chi Kung and enjoy all the retreat offered. As well as this she offers her valuable skills to the team and has joined the Nam Yang family not as a teacher but instead using her talents in our Marketing team. Now, being part of the Marketing team at the Nam Yang Kung Fu Retreat allows her to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle and apply her skills in order to reach out to as many of our students and future students as possible in order to share this lifestyle! Simone's involvement with our training here at Nam Yang make her value all the more greater, not only can she explain what we do here to our perspective students but she can also offer her own experiences and perspective forward.