Stay safe and confident whilst travelling with our defence courses

If you’ve ever felt threatened or unsafe while travelling, you can rest assured knowing that it is a relatively common feeling, especially when in an unfamiliar part of the world. However, if you have a means of defending yourself and keeping safe, then you may find yourself more confident on your travels. We offer private self defence lessons for those who want the confidence of knowing they can defend themselves, both at home and when they are travelling across the world.

Our self defence training is practical and tailored to suit the individual. First and foremost, the training places emphasis on avoidance rather than confrontation. Confronting an attacker, particularly one who is armed, can result in serious injury even to a prepared defendant. We teach skills such as positive body language, forward planning and awareness to help minimise your chances of getting into a confrontation, as well as quick thinking and diplomacy to help you handle any incidents that may happen.

For more physical confrontations, we teach take downs and restraints which are intended to incapacitate an attacker without seriously injuring them. Our classes also include knife defence, helping you to deal with any armed attackers and teaching you the techniques necessary to disarm them, which can be extended to other, similar weapons. All techniques taught are based on kung fu and Chinese boxing, as well as experience. We understand how important it is to keep yourself safe, and we will teach you in a range of scenario based drills, either alone or in groups, to provide you with confidence should you ever have to confront somebody who is attacking you. Our methods are effective and simple so you can recall them at a moment’s notice.

If you want personal coaching or have any specialised needs, we will arrange the course for you so that it matches your needs. We offer very competitive prices, with discounts for group bookings. We will provide you with a kung fu holiday that isn’t just entertaining, but practical, life enhancing and beneficial for any further travels that you choose to pursue.