What is included:

    • 3 different 5-week programs for beginner, basic and intermediate/advanced levels.
      Detailed instruction including all 66 steps of the Shuang yang (Sun Frost White Crane) routine.
    • Coaching to pass your (next) grading.
    • Extra routines for experienced students, both freehand and weapon.
    • Excursions to see more of Thailand.
    • Block breaking!

Special finale:

    • Take part in our kung fu demonstration.
    • Chinese dinner at mountain top restaurant

Reasons to choose one of these packages:

Struggling to decide when to come? We have made it easier for you!

  • These 5 week packages have clear start and end dates -no need to think too hard when to come! The whole group will begin together and progress together.
  • We have selected some of the best excursions in northern Thailand and matched them to the seasons so you will see the sights at their very best.
  • We have planned programs of training sued to teh length of stay and split into 3 parts to suit different experience levels. These are great packages for returning students.

Number of Places Available


Beginner (you are coming here for the first time): 12

Basic (you have probably passed 1-3 gradings already): 9

Intermediate/advanced (you have passed more than 3 gradings): 5

What will i learn?

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Beginner Level

  • Accelerated coaching on the Shuang Yang (Sun Frost White Crane) routine covering all 66 steps.
  • Coaching to take your first grading after 4 weeks then learn the next level in the 5th week.
  • One weapon: either the staff or Chinese broadsword.
  • How to break a concrete block with your hand.

Basic Level

As above and also:

  • The Shuang Yang cane routine.
  • Coaching to take your next grading then learn the following level.
  • Train to perform a more advanced breaking technique.

Intermediate Level

As above and also:

  • An extra intermediate Tiger-Crane routine.
  • An advanced weapon routine.

We will teach different routines and weapons each year: mail us to find our what we have planned.

Special ExcuRsions

Green Season

Doi Inthanon and the Waterfalls.

Doi Inthanon is Thailand’s highest mountain and is protected within a large national park.  It is surrounded by a number of breathtaking waterfalls and has great nature trails.  We like to go in August which is the rainiest month since at this time the flow of water over the falls is at its highest.

Glamping at Mon Chem.

Mon Chem is a high mountain North West of Chiang Mai in an area populated mostly by the Hmong hill tribe.  It has beautiful views and gardens and a crazy mountain dirt road down which we can ride on home made teakwood go karts!  (At your own risk 🙂 ).  In the local area are many activities including the ‘Jungle Coaster’, a great botanical garden, an elephant centre, insect zoo, and snake show.  

The Hmong people have installed glamping ‘domes’ which are fun to stay in.  

Party weekend in Pattaya.

Pattaya is Thailand’s party town. A crazy place which has to be seen to be believed. Not somewhere for the health conscious to stay too long but great for a weekend. We are going to try organising an annual visit for those who want.

High Season

Golden Triangle.

North of Chiang Mai lies Doi Chiang Dao, Thailands tallest limestone mountain riddled with mysterious caves, Mae Salong, the high mountain Chinese tea growing centre, Chiang Rai with its famous white temple and the golden triangle where Thailand, Laos and Myanmar meet. This is a longer excursion, maybe 3 nights. Exact itinerary to be agreed between those who are going.

Master Iain’s birthday party.

On or around October 20.  Generally held in Chiang Mai, beginning with sightseeing then dinner then often a trip to watch Thai boxing then ending in one of Chiang Mai’s better bars. 

Green Season

2024: June 29 – August 10

High Season

2023: September 23 – October 28

2024: September 28-November 2




What People
Are Saying About Us

Find out more or secure your place:


What People
Are Saying About Us

It was one of my best lifestyle experiences so far. The lessons were intense, diverse, fun, challenging, sometimes mentally tough but so rewarding making progress each minute of the training. Master Iain has build something special over there and he is indeed a true Master. His wisdom and knowledge being shared over there is just fantastic.

Floris L


I’ve been there thinking to have a short break and just some physical activities but it ended up that I just totally changed my way of looking at life…

Marion H.


I never felt so healthy and refreshed. Gorgeous landscape and grounds, incredible meditation and kung fu lessons, comfortable rooms and wonderful people.

Brenton W.


Having no martial arts experience and quite poor body coordination, I wanted to see if I could keep up with the demanding training program. I have spent a month here and thanks to the kind, caring and respectful guidance of the teachers (especially Andy and Master Iain), I have rediscovered what my body is capable of and how hard work and persistence can really push or even break your self-imposed boundaries.



I went with an open mind but did wonder how, at 55 I would cope with the training. I knew I needed to kick start my fitness and do something about my health – my posture was poor and I had felt drained of energy from work and a busy life as a solo dad; I wanted my mind to calm down and reclaim who I used to be…



Although I consider my fitness level above average, the training had been a tough reality check, especially for my flexibility. However, after training around 35 hours per week, I had done some massive improvements and learned a lot about my body, kung-fu and life in general.

Adam Vehla


The training develops your body and coordination. We loved the Kung Fu training for combat and self-defence, and as well the Chi Kung (Qigong). Meditation for health, vitality and enlightenment.

Anders Lier


I personally am rigid, highly strung and inflexible which required a lot of patient attention from each instructor and Master Iain however they each took the necessary time to ensure I got the most out of my retreat.

Johnny R.


I had knee and back issues for the last 3 years. Nam Yang really helped me manage these chronic injuries, through stretching, good posture and the general strengthening exercises we did day to day. Speak to Master Iain like I did if you are affected by anything like this.

Priyesh P


Unleash your innerWarrior

Nam Yang

asked questions

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I can’t make the full 5 weeks: can I sign up for just part of this?

Yes.  You can just book at our normal prices for as long as you want to come.  You will be able to join in with all of the activities that are running during the time that you are with us.

Terms and Conditions.

All of our usual terms and conditions apply.  

All excursions are at your own expense.  

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