Shaolin Warrior Programmes for students of all abilities

The Shaolin Arts are among the oldest style of Chinese martial arts, and as part of our many options we can provide you with the Shaolin Warrior programme. Shaolin kung fu hails from the Buddhist Shaolin Temple in China and has been developed over the last 1,500 years. Its rich content makes it one of the most widely taught of the kung fu methods. Combining over 900 techniques in one comprehensive system, it offers the advantage of developing the entire body through consistent exercise.

If you are approaching the Shaolin Arts with little or no experience, we provide an intensive introductory course to prepare you to join the other students at our shaolin retreat. The course involves eight hours of private or communal training over the first week of your stay. It is designed to teach you the basics and each course caters to the requirements of the individual, but it will typically cover stance, posture, body mechanics for strength without size, simple defence and powerful penetrative striking with the force of internal power.

Part of the training also includes Chi Kung meditation which offers great benefits to our physical and mental health. The two central sources of chi are the earth and sky. When the chi in our bodies is balanced and circulates freely, we enjoy better health. We teach a basic system that can be learned quickly and the benefits can be felt immediately.

The Shaolin Warrior schedule is flexible, but a typical day involves a morning session of approximately three hours that focuses on Chi Kung, Sum Chien, Tiger Crane Art, Shaolin Weapons and Pushing Hands. You then enjoy breakfast and almost six hours of free time to practise your techniques and partake in some enjoyable activities; you will also have time to rest and recuperate. Afternoon sessions are slightly shorter in length and are focused on strength training, body conditioning, partner exercises and defence and fighting techniques. The evenings and weekends are yours to meditate, relax and rest, or enjoy some excursions. If you are interested in visiting us at our shaolin retreat please take a look at our website video or contact us directly.