Tiger Crane Kung fu

Fast, accurate and deadly. The tiger crane combination is a classic southern Shaolin style which emphasizes intricate hand techniques thrown from a solid, stable stance.
Being close to the original Shaolin white crane, this style emphasizes the use of touch sensitivity to connect to an opponent and feel their movement and intention, countering them immediately when they initiate a move - before it can become dangerous. It also uses 'springy' power generated from the tendons rather than the muscle - the hallmark of genuine Shaolin kung fu.
The tiger-crane stance is fairly high allowing for mobility and fast stepping. The hand techniques are thrown from close range so as to maximize their chances of success and generally target weak points where they will have the greatest effect. At an advanced level, springy power from the tendons can be used to generate a power which penetrates deeply into the body and affects the internal organs - ask an instructor for a safe, controlled demonstration!

"Practicing this has made me very aware of myself: internally as well as externally.  Every time I do it I feel better, so I can’t ever see myself giving up.  It is something which we can take with ourselves though life’s journey.  As we learn it, we learn more about our selves, become more aware of our selves and somehow grow within our selves." - Rob

Benefits of practicing the tiger crane art include

Toughening of body to resist blows
Packing chi into the internal organs so as to rejuvenate them and make them healthy, resilient and resistant to being struck
Building elastic power into tendons so as to be able to deliver fast, super powerful blows
Expansion of lung capacity leading to greater stamina and a healthier body
Replenishing of essential chi in kidneys which counteracts ageing
Manipulation of the spine: opening of joints and chi flow
Training of the eye to keep vision sharp
Rejuvenating facial muscles and pressure centers to look healthy and young
Developing positive body language
Sinking chi to the lower tan tien (chi center) to give clearer thinking, calmer attitude and less stress
Training the use of the most advantageous body mechanics so that skill can be used to overcome strength
Development of touch sensitivity and training to react to touch for fighting

Tiger Crane Kung fu benefits
Tiger Crane Kung fu benefits 2

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