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Martial chi kung goes a step beyond chi kung for health. It develops abilities well beyond those of normal people. Mastery of this type of chi kung is what enables martial arts masters to perform such ‘super human’ feats as punching the ends off bricks, washing in broken glass, rubbing red hot metal and being hit with hammers and axes.

We train a number of different systems of martial chi kung

-Vein Tendon Chi Kung is a simple but effective system which tones all of the tendon in the body and increases its elasticity so that it can store energy.

-Tat Moh Chi Kung is a straightforward system which emphasizes reverse abdominal breathing and therefore trains elasticity into the internal organs, energizing them and making them resilient to injury.

-The Sum Chien routine from the Tiger – Crane Combination Art is perhaps the most powerful exercise for martial chi kung. It involves building elasticity into the whole body and then using it to store energy in the lower tan tien (the lower Chi energy center of the body), releasing it in explosive bursts down to the hands, and then returning it to the tan tien to be used again. It incorporates reverse abdominal breathing and exercises absolutely all of the tendons in the body.

-Iron Shirt Chi Kung involves several sets of exercises which train the tendon to be elastic and store energy for explosive release. It also incorporates reverse abdominal breathing. It serves as a good supplement to the Sum Chien training.

Martial chi kung can be learned by people of reasonable fitness, male or female. It takes regular training over a period of time to achieve a high level of skill, but the exercises can be learned in a relatively short space and then practiced anywhere.


Martial Chi Kung has the following benefits:

chi kung exercises benefits

  • It packs chi into the internal organs, strengthening them, energizing them and making them resistant to injury/disease.
  • It replenishes essential chi in the kidneys, combating ageing and greatly increasing vigour.
  • It builds springy, explosive strength which can be released at short range to produce large amounts of power
  • If you want to learn the skills which made kung fu famous or for more information.


Video Footage of Shaolin Iron Shirt Chi Kung.

Wooden batton broken over groin.

Blocks broken with head.

Washing in broken glass, face trodden into broken glass.

Bending two spears with throat.

The Human Battring Ram.

Repeated strikes.

*Please note that these videos are posted here to demonstrate the effectiveness of our training.  Beginners are not asked to do anything like this!