Chinese boxing is particularly famous for its take downs, sweeps and throws. Chinese boxers are recognized as some of the best fighters in the world when it comes to catching kicks or dodging punches, and then dropping their opponent to the floor.

Training differs according to the level / experience of the fighter:

-Basic level: mastering punches, kicks and takedowns; building power, accuracy and stamina; conditioning to take blows.
-Intermediate level: co-ordinating with an opponent; reading intention; feinting; evading.
-Advanced level: sparring with a partner.

Typical training sessions involve:

-Evading / blocking / countering an opponent’s techniques
-Punching / kicking focus mitts / punch bags / tire dummies
-Applying sweeps, throws and takedowns
-Strength, stamina, flexibility training
-Body conditioning exercises in preparation to take blows

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At Nam Yang, Chinese boxing is taught together with Shaolin kung fu and chi kung. Kung fu provides body toughness and explosive power, while chi kung speeds recovery after hard training, which both complement san da.

“Thanks very much for teaching me how to punch! I got one punch in, and knocked him out cold.” – Dean

If you want to learn Chinese boxing at the mountain retreat.