SOFT qigong

Qigong and meditation

Many of us are vaguely aware of the great benefits of Qigong
meditation to our health and longevity but don’t really understand how
it works. Here is an overview:

  • Qi (chi) circulates around our bodies, in a daily cycle, mainly but not entirely through pathways called meridians and vessels.
  • Qi is stored in energy centres / reservoirs called Tan Tiens.
  • The two main sources of chi are the Earth (Yin Qi) and the sky (Yang Qi).
  • When the Qi in our bodies is circulating freely and is balanced between Yin and Yang, we will enjoy good health.
  • Opening the meridians through stretching exercises and guiding Qi through them facilitates strong, smooth circulation of the Qi.
  • Drawing in fresh Qi from the earth and sky keeps our Qi plentiful and allows us to balance Yin and Yang.
  • Expelling stale or excess Qi keeps our Qi fresh and prevents it from becoming excessively strong.


By its nature, Qi Gong (also known as ‘Chi Kung’ or ‘Ki Gung’) is simple and easy, yet amazingly effective. Anyone can practice it successfully, regardless of age or fitness. The essential requirements are a properly trained instructor and good, fresh air.

The basic Qigong system that we teach is Tong Ling (clearing and circulating) Qigong. The system can be learned in one month – less with intensive private tuition – but takes time to practice. However, benefits can be felt immediately.

“Regular practice of Qigong has lowered my
blood pressure, increased my flexibility and given me a great boost in confidence.”


A brief note on pronunciation:

The words Chi (energy) and Kung (sustained work) are pronounced differently in different Chinese dialects. Most writers follow their teacher’s pronunciation hence you may see the term Qi Gong written as Qi Gung, Chi Kung, Ki Gung or Ki Gong!

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