the whole body

We spend a lot of time practicing these touch sensitivity drills and it is time very well spent. They greatly improve reactions, teach a great deal about sensing balance, allow us to get used to physical contact without creating a great risk of injury and train us to sense where an opponent’s strength is and then work around it following a path of least resistance.




  • Fixed step pushing hands
    Feet are kept firmly rooted to the floor; each partner tries to upset their opponent’s balance so as to dislodge their feet from the floor (uproot them); no striking is employed, only pushing, pulling, levering etc.
    Touch contact is maintained throughout.
  • Sticky hands
    Keeping touch contact, each partner tries to strike, unbalance, throw, lock and restrain their opponent. Strikes are controlled so as not to cause injury. Upper body techniques are mainly used ( i.e. hand, forearm, elbow, shoulder, head etc.), but sweeping with the legs is permitted.

These drills are fun but incredibly useful.

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