Meditation forms an intrinsic part of our training program. Generally, we teach how to perform simple, safe meditations and then encourage students to practice them in their own time, quietly and comfortably. On nights of the full moon, we practice a special meditation together at midnight, directly under the full moon.


The meditations which we teach include

  • Chi Kung focusing on circulating the body’s Chi microcosmic orbit
  • Relaxing the whole body
  • Fostering internal awareness
  • Improving vitality and life energy

These can be combined with natural or reverse abdominal breathing. Full moon meditations take advantage of the pure Yin energy which emanates from the moon at midnight (the most Yin hour) when it is full (the moon’s most Yin phase). These special meditations give us an amazing charge but are best practised under supervision, at least to start with! The complement to the full moon meditations is the practice of Chi Kung just at sunrise on the day of the new moon, taking advantage of yang energy.

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