What is this all about?

  • Deep friendships are made here and should be maintained.  
  • Returning students must have slightly different needs to beginners.
  • Once having started, it would be a shame to give up practising our arts.
  • Periodic input from a teacher is necessary.  

We have thought hard about how to best serve our returning students.  In August and October we will be running special seasonal programs. In the ‘peak season’ winter period, we are going to offer a more flexible arrangement.

  • We will actively encourage returning students to come at this time to meet up with old friends and make new ones.
  • We will run extra sessions specifically for those who have progressed past their first grading. These will take the form of 3 mid day sessions a week, each an hour long.
  • We will work hard on returning students so as to get them through their next grading.
  • We will teach an extra freehand routine to anyone at intermediate level or above and an extra weapon routine to anyone who has completed the three basic weapon routines.

This arrangemet will extend through the whole ‘high season’ period – you can begin and end on whatever dates suit you best.

What else is included:

Block breaking

Do you want to smash building blocks with your bare hands? wink We will be running some training sessions on block  breaking then organising some demonstrations.  If you want to take part then we will train you in a breaking technique and give you a slot in one of our demonstrations.

Kung Fu Demonstrations

Become a permanent part of Nam Yang’s rich history!  Demonstrate alongside the Nam Yang instructors and Master Iain.  Be a part of our historic video.

Final Demonstration, Kung Fu Retreat 15th anniversary year.  

Have you been watching the videos of our demonstrations?  We will be wrapping up our 15th anniversary year with a demonstration on New year’s eve which we intend to film and broadcast through our website and social media.  There will be a role for you either individually or in a group demonstrating either freehand or weapon routines.  This promises to be a memorable event and the video will provide you with a great souvenir which you can share with whoever you want!

Opening demonstration, Nam Yang 70th Anniversary year.

We are proud to say that 2024 marks the 70th anniversary of Nam Yang Pugilistic Association, which began in Singapore in 1954.  We wil mark the occasion with a series of events throughout the year, starting with this demonstration.  Another chance for you to demonstrate and be filmed for posterity.  

Want to know what will the video look like?  Click here to see!smile

Christmas: lakeside camping in the high mountains

Because the campsite is at high altitude it has pine forests. The lake is spectacular and for a very small fee the locals wil row you around it at dawn in a home made bamboo boat. Near the campsite is the village of Pang Oung which is full of tourists at this time of year and has a lively walking street with restaurants, coffee shops and stalls.

On Christmas eve we will leave early and on the way we will perform our Qigong a mountain viewpoint and visit a hilltribe market, the fish cave and it’s gardens and a waterfall. On Christmas day we will visit Ban Rak Thai, a famous Chinese tea growing village in the mountains and eat our Christmas dinner – Chinese style before stocking up with Chinese tea and heading home!

New Year blessing ceremony by Buddhist monks

Every year we invite the head monk form our local Buddhist temple and maybe some of his coleagues to perform a blessing ceremony at the Kung Fu Retreat to bring us a good new year. It can be quite an elaborate affair with chanting and holy water. Everyone present is invited to join and receive an individual blessing from the monk. Definitely a memorable experience – especially if you have not done anything like this before.

New Year Countdown in Pai.

Once the demonstration is over we expect most of our group to head for Pai town which is always super busy for the new year countdown. The walking street tends to be at its most lively and the bars packed. Things stay open later than usual and at midnight there are fireworks everywhere – the whole sky lights up! Quite a sight. If you prefer a quieter start to the new year, watching all of this from a hillside or even from the Retreat is a very surreal experience.

Chinese dinner at the mountain top restaurant.

Always popular. On a mountaintop overlooking San Ti Chon Chinese village there is a great Yunnanese restaurant which we like that has views right across teh Pai valley. They serve real Chinese food in a very ‘rural Chinese style’ environment.

What else will you organise with each other?

What we are really trying to do is bring you, our students, together. Experience shows that you will find no end of things to do, reflecting your own tastes and interests. Well, this is your chance! smile

What is this all about?

December January is peak season on Pai and the whole area is humming with activity. This is the dry season. It is possible that rain may fall but usually it doesn’t. Days are hot but not uncomfortably so. Evenings are usually cool enough to warrant a hat and scarf. People from other parts of Thailand, especially Bangkok, find this fascinating and descend on Pai looking for a chance to wear their fashionable warm clothes. Temperatures drop over nigh and can sometimes be below 10C at dawn. As soon as the sun rises it gets hotter very fast, though. In the mornings thick mist often descend just after dawn, remains for an hour or two then disappears as the sun gets higher.

Most people consider this the best time to visit Pai – which is why it gets so crowded.

Booking details:

Dates: November 27 2023-January 27 2024.

Number of places available: we are not setting a limit BUT this is peak season and we may well become full so we strongly recommend advanced booking.  

Price and booking proceedure: this whole thing is available at no extra cost.  Just make a regular booking and let us know that you will be taking part as a returning student.  How good an offer is that?


Use the button below to book your chosen length of stay! After you book, make sure to contact us to tell us what dates you want to come for so that we can confirm the availability, as well as to inform us you’re attending as part of the Returning Students’ Reunion! laughing

For any custom lengths of stays , just contact us directly so that we can provide you with a custom quote.


After you fill in this form we will email you more details and invite you to ask questions, book a call with us or just get on and book your place.

Terms and Conditions

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All excursions are at your own expense.

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