Private tuition can add significantly to your personal progress in Kung Fu. It is a great way to get specialised, in-depth coaching on the areas which are most important to you and to cover things which are not taught in the general lessons – such as specialist weapon training. Please consider booking some private tuition to run alongside your general training. We suggest between 1 and 5 hours per week.

Private tuition can be used to:

  • Learn more routines and techniques
  • Sharpen up ready for gradings
  • Work on self-defence techniques
  • Develop your sticky hands / pushing hands techniques
  • Increase your fitness
  • Learn new weapons


Detailed, in-depth personal training to suit your own pace and your own goals.  You choose whichever techniques or content you want to learn, so long as it is something which our instructors are able to teach.  The only limitation is your self – you will need to be able to perform basic skills in order to progress to the advanced.


You are free to choose whichever instructors you prefer to train with so long as they have times available to teach you.  The more experienced instructors do charge more. Since the instructors have only limited time available in which to teach private lessons please book in advance.  Master Iain is not able to teach more than 5 hours / week.


Private tuitions are very flexible.  Just agree a time with your instructor.


From 700 Baht / hour for resident students, 1,000 Baht / hour non residents.  The more experienced instructors will charge more.