Intensive Introductory Course

Alongside the Shaolin Warrior Program and the Internal Kung Fu, Qigong and Meditation program can be added the Intensive Introductory Course. The Intensive Introductory course involves an extra hour of private / small group tuition each training day for the first two weeks and focuses on providing strong basics knowledge and technique. Highly recommended for faster progress.

The Intensive Introductory course is comprised of 10 lessons covering the basics of our art . Each lesson is an extra hour of private / small group tuition for each training day and can be booked for 1 day (1 Lesson), 1 week (5 Lessons), or 2 weeks (10 Lessons). The Intensive Introductory course takes place at 10AM-11AM. Having a full hour with only a few students who are all beginners allows time to fully work and understand the underlying principles and concepts of our art, while also building confidence and comfort in these areas!

In this program, you will work on breaking down these fundamentals to experience their benefits and learn the advantages they have on our own bodies. Each lesson is structured like a small masterclass, beginning with a thorough introduction, basic exercises exemplifying that topic, and of course, practicing and learning new movements!