Create your destiny

More than just a retreat, this is your journey

This is a journey that will set the direction for the rest of your life.  We provide you with the choice of three transformational programs to equip you with the tools you need in order to set the direction for the next steps in your life. Choose your path below…

Shaolin Warrior

Awaken the warrior within

Equip yourself with the weapons, skills, and confidence you need in order to claim victory in the ultimate battle: life! Immerse yourself in traditional Shaolin arts and learn the forms of true kung fu.  Strengthen both your mind and your body to master yourself and bring forth your ultimate warrior.  

Internal Kung Fu

Learn the secrets of the ancient Masters

This program concentrates on the deeper, internal aspects of old style kung fu. It uses a clever combination of physical movement, chi cultivation, and meditation to draw together mind, body, and breath. It delivers mental calm and focus, physical health and fitness, relaxed breathing, and well-balanced chi.

Life Balance

Chi Kung & Meditation

This program uses the arts, philosophy and knowledge accumulated by many generations of Chinese Masters to directly address the problems of modern western society. This program will empower you to harness your chi to release the full potential you have within. 

Discover your sanctuary

Make the journey to a place that captures the true spirit of Kung Fu.

Let go of stress amongst the beautiful mountains of Northern Thailand. Experience an incredible wellbeing retreat in paradise with a rejuvenating combination of physical exercise, guided meditations, delicious healthy food, accommodations with beautiful views, and a feeling of community. Experience strength, healing, and peace all offered in harmony with nature, and guided by our supportive team. Nam Yang Kung fu retreat will provide you with clarity, inspiration and an authentic Kung Fu experience.

Take the first step on a transformational journey of discovery and self mastery and unleash your true power.

Our Team
"There is an old saying in Kung Fu
That when the time is right, the student will find the master.
Search, and you will find your path."

Our Team

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