Shaolin Warrior Training

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The Shaolin Warrior Program is a balanced mix of the different arts that we teach. It runs five days a week – Wednesdays and Saturdays are rest days and are ideal for exploring our local area. We recommend that all students other than those wishing to take Kung Fu Instructor training follow the Shaolin Warrior Program as their basic course of study.

To this can be added our Intensive Introductory course and as much private tuition as desired. The Intensive Introductory course involves an extra hour of private / small group tuition each training day for the first two weeks and focuses on providing strong basics knowledge and technique. Highly recommended for faster progress.

You can choose to begin and end on whatever days suit you best. We do suggest arriving on one of the rest days – Saturday or Wednesday – so as to settle in and be ready to begin at 6.00AM the next day. 

You have the option to choose between a shared or a private room. Learn more about accommodations here.


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