Get Your Health Back Fast with Chinese Chi Kung


Chi Kung is an ancient system of exercise which is widely practised in China and has been for many hundreds of years because of its ease and incredible effectiveness. It is now becoming clear that chi kung also happens to be the perfect cure for the problems which are sweeping through our western society: stress, exhaustion, constant sickness and feelings of hopelessness.



Master Iain Armstrong is one of the western world’s leading chi kung experts with a passion for doing it, rather than just discussing it. He has taught literally thousands of people with breathtaking results. In this book he draws on thirty years of hands on teaching experience to help you, the reader, achieve the same incredible results in a very short space by doing only half an hour of very gentle exercise a day.

You will achieve:

– Calm

– Relaxation

– Balance

– Concentration

– Focus

– Greater energy levels

– Ease of movement

– Cleaning of your blood and internal organs

– Better alignment of your joints

– A great reduction in ageing


You will greatly reduce:

– Stress

– Exhaustion

– Stiffness

– Sickness

– Emotional upsets

– Helplessness

Cast your mind back to the days of your childhood when, playing in the fresh air, you felt healthy, free, relaxed, and full of life. This book will take you back there. This book is the key to throwing off all of the bad things which have crept into your life and rediscovering the amazing potential that is you ? your true self: healthy, happy, relaxed and confident.

It is the best investment that you will ever make!

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