Short stay packages

Discover the
mysteries of
chinese Kung Fu

This is a very deep art! Soak up Master Iain’s teachings on the philosophy, history, culture, ethos and traditions of real Shaolin Kung Fu.

  • Learn Qigong (Chi Kung) the art of cultivating your spiritual energy (Chi).
  • Unlock your energy flow, unite mind, body and breath.
  • Begin the famous Shaolin internal strength training. Tap into the internal power that you have always had.
  • Learn a short form of the Sun-Frost White Crane Soft and Gentle Art – the forerunner of Tai Chi.
  • Try training with the famous Shaolin Weapons.
  • Learn the basics of unarmed combat and self defence.
  • Work on your self so that you are better able to support the people close to you.
  • Begin your life time journey in Kung Fu.


Path of the Warrior

Short stay packages

Kung Fu and Qigong

What is included in this package
  • A 1 week pass to the Kung Fu Retreat to be used whenever you wish.
  • 7 nights accommodation, 5 training days (Plus 1 rest days, arrival day, departure day, daily breakfast, evening meals on training days, use of facilities including Kung Fu Gym and wifi.

Value your self enough
to reward your self!

Upgrade your self.

Add value to your stay, get all of the following:

Upgrade foR


    A dedicated 1 hour lesson each training day (5 lessons) with one of our expert instructors covering important basics. Maximum group size 4 but often there will be only 1 student present meaning private tuition. Pack the most that you possibly can into your week with us. Learn More
    Signed copy of Master Iain’s book ‘Get Your Health Back FAST With Chinese Chi Kung’.

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