Path of
the MONK

The path of the Monk puts more emphasis on personal and spiritual development and self healing and is less physically demanding.
  • Be part of a supportive community with a structured daily routine.
  • Improve physically and mentally – look and feel good at any age!
  • Develop self discipline and self mastery.
  • Explore new philosophies and cultures.
  • Develop and grow as a person.

Choose one of our premium package
or design a custom package for your self

short Stay Packages

  • Discover Kung Fu and Qigong
    Begin learning the secrets and uncovering the mysteries of Chinese Kung fu.
  • Explore Kung Fu and Qigong
    2 weeks to delve into these fascinating and powerful arts. Begin uncovering the mysteries, learning the secrets and absorbing the basics.
  • Learn Kung Fu and Qigong
    4 weeks immersed in the ancient arts of Kung Fu and Qigong. This is a great package because in 4 weeks you can really get to grips with these ancient arts and make genuine progress.

Long Stay Packages

  • White Cranes Package
    This is our high intensity 10 week training package.
    If you have the opportunity to take 10 weeks out to work on your self and want a highly focused program that will bring the best out of you and deliver maximum progress this is the best choice for you.
  • 108 Heroes Package
    Named after the 108 heroes of the water margin, this is an 18 week (4.5 month) full Kung Fu immersion course! If you have 18 weeks available to immerse yourself in the life of Kung Fu and want to progress as far as you can, choose this option.
  • 18 Lohons Package
    This is our premiere package!
    7 months (28 weeks) training at the Kung Fu Retreat in the forested mountains of Thailand’s remote North West frontier.
    Named after the 18 Lohons monks, the followers of the Buddha, this is an elite group who will train directly under Master Iain alongside the Kung Fu Retreat Instructor Team.

Custom Package

If none of the above packages suits your needs, we will help you design a custom package for yourself

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