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We are not an online school, we are a Kung Fu family, a group of people who love Kung Fu and thrive by living the Kung Fu lifestyle. We love Kung Fu History, Tradition, Culture, Philosophy and Ethos.  Ours is thinking person’s Kung Fu – really quite unsuitable for idiots! It ties together the physical, the mental, the emotional and the spiritual. We have a following which spans the globe and have now decided to unite and grow our family online.  If you want to train real, traditional Kung Fu with history, tradition and a genuine, proven track record, this might be exactly what you have been looking for!

Detailed, Progressive Courses

We have structured training programs with detailed courses to follow.  Choose to follow:

  • The Internal Kung Fu Program: Emphasizing mental, physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing over physical power and fighting skills.   Nam Yang Warrior program – A balance of hard and soft Kung Fu.  Perfect for people who are looking to explore the softer, internal side of Kung Fu and who are likely interested in Chi Kung and developing their internal energy.
  • The Nam Yang Warrior Program: A balance of hard and soft Kung Fu, internal and external reflecting the principle of Yin and Yang.  It involves philosophy, meditation and ‘Zen’ to produce a true spiritual warrior.

Become a part of the Family

Have a personal profile where your achievements are recorded and your identity in the community established.  Connect with your Nam Yang brothers and sisters through our forums, social media and recognized training centres around the world.  One of the great advantages of Online Training is that it gives you direct access to the ‘top’ teachers.  Get straight to them and ask questions, grow, and follow through discussions, videos and posts!

Nam Yang Global Family

Our Online Membership & Training platform!

We have addressed the problem which has plagued so many of us for years: ‘there is no Nam Yang branch near me’. Well, now you can stay connected with us via the internet!

We perhaps over use Grand Master Tan’s quote ‘to succeed in Kung Fu you need do only two things: start, and not give up’. But it does sum up the secret to success: don’t give up! Easier said than done, though. Perseverance stems from motivation and motivation stems from inspiration. And inspiration stems from people. The central point of our online family is to connect our people. So that we can inspire and motivate each other by so doing succeed together.

We don’t yet really know where this is going to take us but it is a very exciting step forwards and we really hope that you will join us and grow together with us.


In-depth, detailed courses under an organized program:

Tiger – Crane Combination Kung Fu.

Sun Frost White Crane Internal Kung Fu.

Tong Ling Chi Kung for health and longevity.

Bodhidharma’s Vein Tendon Chi Kung for strength, power and healthy joints.

Shaolin Weapons.  Including axes, double broadswords and the three section staff.


Applying your Kung Fu in fighting situations.

Kung Fu Wisdom



Written articles on Kung Fu Philosphy, Culture and Ethos

Historical Archives



Old magazine articles and blog posts tracing the history of Nam Yang back to its origins in the Shaolin Temple.

Online Tuition

Train over video link with our teachers and Masters!


Certification as you progress through our training!

A Family

Connect with your Nam Yang brothers and sisters through supportive community news feed, social media groups and forums!

Ready to get started?

We have a long, proud history. We have philosophy, tradition, culture and ethos. And this is what makes us ‘Nam Yang’. This is what makes us a family, rather than just a school or a sports club. It is what gives us our identity. We are an Online Community, not just a course provider. Get started training with us now – All of this for less than a dollar a day.