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Why Miltitary Packages?

We would never have thought of the idea! It came about because military veterans started to find us and, when they came here, they achieved remarkable results, especially those dealing with PTSD and trauma generally.

AJ sums it up perfectly in this short video:

What we OFFER


We start at 6.00am with mindful exercise. We have a progressive system which involves working through a series of grades from beginner to advanced and beyond. Clear syllabus, clear goals. We continue training to 6.00pm with breaks for meals and rest. We eat together, socialise together and support each other.

Ours is a culture of respect. Our ultimate aim is to master our selves, and inspire others to do likewise. We train to become strong enough that we no longer need to rely on others for support – instead we become pillars of strength who can support all those around us. If this sounds like the sort of lifestyle and the sort of purpose that you need, consider one of our military packages.

Familiar Structures For Veterans






It’s about accountability and being part of a supportive family. This makes them ideal Kung Fu students who will learn much faster than usual. In fact, veterans make great Kung Fu teachers too!



All of our long stay options are available as Military Packages. What distinguished the Military Packages is that they come with:

Our mutual support initiative: the option of joining our Military Support group for regular informal get-togethers and networking. This network is ONLY open to veterans so you will be networking and bonding with people who understand you and understand where you are coming from. The level of mutual support is understandably very high.

Regular group ‘sit downs’ with Master Iain to share his Kung Fu wisdom and apply it in a practical, down to Earth way to whatever challenges you may be experiencing.

Military Veterans Kung Fu Packages


All of these packages are easily affordable on a full military pension: please ask us regarding payment schemes.

  • White Cranes Package
    This is our high intensity 10 week training package.
    If you have the opportunity to take 10 weeks out to work on your self and want a highly focused program that will bring the best out of you and deliver maximum progress this is the best choice for you.
  • 108 Heroes Package
    Named after the 108 heroes of the water margin, this is an 18 week (4.5 month) full Kung Fu immersion course! If you have 18 weeks available to immerse yourself in the life of Kung Fu and want to progress as far as you can, choose this option.
  • 18 Lohons Package
    This is our premiere package!
    7 months (28 weeks) training at the Kung Fu Retreat in the forested mountains of Thailand’s remote North West frontier.
    Named after the 18 Lohons monks, the followers of the Buddha, this is an elite group who will train directly under Master Iain alongside the Kung Fu Retreat Instructor Team.
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When you choose to train with us you become part of this lineage. Our story is still being written and when you become part of it, you help to write the next chapter.