Meditation and martial arts go hand in hand

Along with developing your physical martial arts skills, it is important to train your mind. Meditation is an effective way of achieving this as it helps you increase your focus and awareness, which are essential when learning martial arts. Awareness enables you to stay alert and be ready for every move that comes your way during combat. When you are able to focus, you can spot the opportunities to strike or defend, and when you can remain calm you are able to make the best use of all your skills. If you are tense, it will be more difficult to control your movements and you are likely to burn out quickly. Meditation helps you manipulate your energy for the best performance and results.

Our training programme incorporates meditation and we focus on teaching safe and simple methods that our students can develop and benefit from as they progress. We encourage each student to use their own time to work on the meditation techniques in a relaxed and comfortable environment. Our meditations offer many benefits including a general improvement of life energy and vitality. You will also learn how to relax your entire body and develop a beneficial internal awareness.

A further aspect of our programme is meditations at midnight on the nights the moon is full. A full moon meditation takes full advantage of the yin energy that radiates from the moon in the evening, with midnight being the most optimal time. Moon meditation offers the individual an incredible charge, and in the initial stages we advise our students to engage in them under supervision. Nightly meditations are further complemented by the chi kung we practise at sunrise on the day of the new moon. The training focuses on the belief that the best times to meditate are when the day changes into night and the night into day.