Nam Yang Websites:

Nam Yang pugilistic association UK

Detailed information about the martial arts group of which we are part: history, people, technical information. Martial arts shop.

Nam Yang Singapore

Our parent group. The original Nam Yang and present headquarters of the association. Masters Tan Soh Tin, Oui Chiang Ho, Tay Ah Lek and Dougal Simmonds are based here.

Nam Yang Singapore

Nam Yang Bangkok Our branch in the Thai capital.

Nam Yang Russia

Our branch in Yekaterinburg, Russia.

Nam Yang Italy:

Our newest branch is situated in a breath taking country estate in the Emilia Romagna area of central Italy.  We host residential training courses here.

Youtube Channels:


Loads of footage of us in action.

Learn Shaolin Kung Fu

Free online training with Nam Yang UK’s chief instructor Iain Armstrong.


Other Recommended Sites.

Fukienese White Crane, Martin Watts’ site – a lot of good information and videos on the original White Crane art.

The Chinese Medicine Sanctuary.  Run by Nam Yang Instructor Robin Burby.

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First-hand student reviews from Tripadvisor.