Learning traditional martial arts the right way

The Shaolin arts have a long, illustrious history and have grown greatly in popularity since they became more widely known to people across the world outside of China. They are true Kung Fu, designed to help train the body and mind to respond to attacks with lightning speed, whether you are armed or unarmed. Where some martial arts are intended for competition or demonstration, this is to improve technique, speed and force, all the while improving the health and wellbeing of the practitioner.

The Shaolin arts are all based on training the energy or chi of your body. Movements, exercises and meditation all work together to help transform the muscles and tendons of the body so they can unleash energy with great speed and power. With training you can learn many useful techniques, improve your body’s mechanics and develop balance, co-ordination and focus.

People spend many years learning martial arts, improving their technique and learning new skills over time. The Shaolin arts are no different and require commitment because there are many individual styles to learn. There are said to be 72 secret Shaolin techniques as well as the other disciplines to master.

We provide the perfect setting for people to learn the traditional Shaolin arts on a long or short martial arts holiday. We have a strong training ethos and ensure that all visitors train together so they can learn from and support each other. Our experienced instructors will lead sessions and demonstrate various techniques, with senior students offering helping with teaching.

If you are passionate about martial arts, whether you’re experienced or new to it, you can have a great experience with us. Practitioners can stay at our retreat for days, weeks, months or even years, learning every single day they are here. We set a schedule with training twice a day (three times for those who want to) and rest days on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Attendance at all sessions is not enforced, but it is encouraged if you want the best results from your time with us.

When you stay at our Shaolin retreat you will learn many great skills, including both hard and soft forms, weapons and self defence. There is also the chance to train in Chinese boxing and meditation too if you want to learn even more. We promise a fantastic learning experience that will help you to improve your body, mind and spirit.