Private Tuition and Defense Courses

If you want personal coaching for fastest progress and/or specialized needs, we will arrange it for you.

Prices from 650 – 2,500 Bhat  / hour, depending on which instructor is teaching.

Please book in advance as we have a small team of teachers with limited availability.

Click here to book now or call  0822988939 (English) / 0864286739 (Thai).



Private Defense Courses for Travelling Alone

short coursesAbsolutely essential knowledge for those travelling in foreign countries, either alone or in small groups. Includes a range of scenario based drills to give you the confidence to hit back and power and speed training to make sure you are able to react if you find yourself in serious trouble. Also covers body language, assertiveness and dos and don’ts.

Simple steps and tactics to defend yourself in dangerous situations using psychology and accurate techniques. Know where to hit and how to best stay safe. All courses are tailored to suit your requirements by our experienced instructors. If you don’t see what you want on our course list, please contact us to make a special arrangement.

Includes Knife Defense

practical self defence Learn how to deal with someone threatening or attacking you with a knife. We can show you some easy and clever ways to disarm someone – which don’t require being physically strong. Can be extended to include other weapons as well.

Prices (per person) in Thai Baht:

  • 1 hr 8oo
  • 3 hrs 2,100
  • 6 hrs 4000
  • 9 hrs 5,700

Longer course and daily classes also available. Group discounts: 4+ 10%, 8+ 25%, larger groups by agreement. To book a course click here.