Price list 2017
All prices are in US dollars unless otherwise stated.
Shaolin Warrior Program / Qigong, Internal Kung Fu and Meditation Program / Qigong and Meditation for Life Balance Program (all are the same price):

  1 day $92 $128
  1 week $459 $639
2-3 weeks $419 / week $575 / week
  1 month $1,559 $2,160
  3 months $4,313 $6,000
1 year $16,099 $22,400
  2 years $29,909 $41,600
3 years $42,559 $59,200

Details on what is included in the price:

Our rooms are very comfortable with private bathroom and toilet. Rooms are shared between two people. If we are not full, you will be
offered a room to yourself at the shared room price. If we are full, you can pay a surcharge for your own room. Please specify when you
We supply breakfast every day and an evening meal five days a week as part of the package. Lunches can be supplied to order for a very
small cost.
You are welcome to put in as much extra training as you wish outside the scheduled training times. Training takes place in groups. Private
tuition is available on request for an additional fee.
Use of facilities
When staying at Nam Yang Mountain Retreat, all of the facilities, such as the kung fu gym and wifi are at your disposal for no extra charge.
While at the Nam Yang, you are respectfully requested to abide by the Nam Yang Code of Conduct.

Intensive Introductory Course

Price $200US per person. Available only to those on the Shaolin Warrior Program. This course is optional but useful for those without prior
experience of our arts, especially when staying for less than a month. It is extremely good value and highly recommended.

Private Tuition

Prices from 700 Baht / hour depending on which instructor is teaching. We have a limited number of instructors so please
book private tuition in advance to guarantee satisfaction.

Day courses at the Kung Fu Retreat.

We offer non residential training on a ‘pay per lesson’ basis. Prices as follows:

Morning training: 700 Thai Baht. 6.00 – 9.15am Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday.

Mid day training: 600 Thai Baht. 11.00am – 1.15pm Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday.

Afternoon training: 600 Thai Baht. 3.30 – 6.00pm Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday.

Masterclass: 800 Thai Baht 3.30 – 6.00pm Monday.

Private tuition is also available for non residents from 1,000 Baht / hour.

We do very much appreciate advanced notice if you would like to attend a class so that we can be properly prepared to teach you. This
particularly applies to the morning sessions.

Check in instructions and fees.

We will have someone waiting ready to meet you when you arrive, show you to your room, answer questions and generally help you out so
please make sure that you have agreed a check in time in advance. If you need to change your check in time please give us a much notice
as you can but in any case a minimum of 3 hours. If you do not tell us in advance it means that someone will have been hanging around
waiting for you needlessly so there will be a re booking charge of $20 US. If you prefer to check in outside of the usual times there will be
an additional fee which we will inform you of when you arrange check in.

Cancellation Insurance

Cost of insurance package: (per day in US Dollars):

1-6 $19.50 $12.00
7-13 $14.00 $9.00
14-21 $13.00 $8.00
22-31 $12.00 $7.00
32+ $11.00 $6.50

Payment procedures.

Once you are ready to book we will send an invoice so that you can pay a deposit to secure your stay. The balance of payment is due on
arrival. The invoice will give the options of paying by card, bank transfer or paypal.

Payment Methods:
Still the best. Ideal for making your balance of payment on arrival. We very much prefer Thai Baht.
Card Payments.
We are now able to take card payments with no card fee! This is a good option for those concerned about carrying cash. Also a good way
to pay deposit.
International Bank Transfer (TT)
Bank transfer is a good, safe method for paying larger sums of money. Our bank details appear on our invoices. Do please note that you
will need to pay all of the bank charges. Make sure that your bank takes down all of the details properly so that your payment goes to the
right place!
Our invoices offer Paypal as a payment option.

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