Martial Arts Gap Year Ideas and Experiences

Looking for things to do in a gap year in Thailand?

We provide Martial Arts Gap Year Adventures in a land of Mountains, Monasteries and Mist     

  • Are  you looking for a unique cultural experience in a little travelled part of
    the world?
  • Would you like to share it with like-minded people from around the globe?
  • Do you feel that learning proven self defense and meditation skills would be a sensible preparation for travelling?

If so begin your gap year in Thailand learning the ancient martial art of Shaolin kung fu with an exhilarating stay at the Nam Yang Mountain Retreat!

Unique Cultural Experience.

Shaolin kung fu dates back to the year 520AD when the wandering Indian monk Boddhidharma (Tat Moh) settled at the Shaolin temple in China.  He taught his disciples there unique physical and spiritual exercises.   Through generations, these exercises have been treasured, carefully preserved and passed on to a select few.  They involve breathing methods, known as chi kung, strengthening the tendons to produce explosive power and a clever knowledge of body mechanics which allows you to play to your own strengths and your opponent’s weaknesses.  An amazing gap year experience.

Mae Hong Son, ‘the land of mist’ is Thailand’s most north westerly province.  It takes its name from the fact that its mountainous ground is usually cloaked in mysterious bands of mist until late in the morning.   Until recently it had no paved roads and hence was extremely difficult to get to.  Most of its inhabitants are not ethnic Thais but hill tribes such as the Lisu, Lahu, Karen and Hmong, Shan from Burma, and remnants of the Chinese nationalist army who fled after the Chinese civil war.  It abounds in eerie caves,  breathtaking waterfalls and remote villages, the ideal setting for  gap year adventures.

_MG_6327The Nam Yang Mountain Retreat
, located close to the cosmopolitan town of Pai, is self contained providing:

  • a complete, effective training program
  • comfortable accommodation
  • delicious meals carefully prepared to local recipes
  • wireless internet access
  • specialised training facilities
  • maximum safety and security
  • some of the most enchanting views in Thailand

With good, concrete road access it provides an ideal base for exploration and exciting gap year experiences.

Different Cultures, New Friends. 

Students from regions as diverse as Europe, America, Australia, Russia, India, Singapore and North Africa are switching on to the
magic of the mountain retreat.  The fascinating culture of Shaolin brings together a diverse array of people who might not otherwise have an opportunity to meet each other.  A gap year experience at Nam Yang is an opportunity to make solid, lasting friendships with people of like minds but very different backgrounds to yourself.

When the chips are down, it helps to know how to ‘knock ‘em out’!

Learning Self Defence: One Of the Smartest Things To Do In A Gap Year.

Can you think of a better, more sensible way to start your gap year adventures than by learning some of the most time tested, effective self defense skills?  Many people learn self defense before setting off on gap year experiences, but don’t do so in a unique an enriching place such as Nam Yang.

We will be happy to help you plan your stay.  Just email us at letting us know your age, nationality and previous experience (if any) in martial arts.

Remember, a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.  Take yours today.
Looking for things to do in a gap year in Thailand?
Try our Martial Arts Gap Year Ideas and Experiences