Instructor Training Course Details

Instructor certification courses at the Kung Fu Retreat have now been thoroughly updated based on our experiences over the last 6 years. What we have found is that most of the people who are interested in becoming an instructor need intensive training which is keyed to their own individual interests and which does not take too long or cost too much money but delivers all of the results necessary for long term success. Our new format is designed specially to fit these needs and works like this.

Training in teaching and in establishing and running a successful kung fu school is concentrated into a 2 week intensive course which will run once or twice a year depending on demand. Successful completion of this course will earn a martial arts instructor certification through Nam Yang.

Assessment in which arts an instructor is qualified to teach will be done on an individual basis by the Master level instructors present – most likely Grand Master Tan and Master Iain. This will include the following arts. Most of these can not be learned in a short time so a suggested minimum training time is included for qualification as a teacher in the art. Obviously this will differ for people who are already trained in these arts.

The Chi Kung Mastery Program:
· Tong Ling Chi Kung. 2 weeks.
· Tat Moh’s Vein Tendon Chi Kung. 2 weeks.
· Iron Shirt Chi Kung. Only available to experienced instructors.
· Shuang Yang Pei Ho. 4 months.
· Sum Chien. 3 months.
· Stretching. 2 weeks.
· Meditation. 1 month.

The Shaolin Warrior Program:
· Tiger – Crane Combination Kung Fu.  6 months – 2 years.
· Shaolin Weapons. 6 months – 2 years.

Sport Martial Arts Program:
· Chinese Boxing (San Da) 6 months – 2 years.

We do not expect that every teacher will be an expert in all of these areas so we work closely with each individual so as to make sure that they achieve what they want. For individual advice, please contact us.

The two week intensive teacher training course costs $ 350 US in addition to the normal weekly cost. Other than this there is no additional cost for instructor training, just the standard price for the Shaolin Warrior Program as found on our pricelist.

How To Apply.

For a personal response from our chief instructor please contact us making it clear that you are enquiring about the instructor training program.

If you are interested in training with us long term and perhaps pursuing a career as a martial arts instructor check out our apprentice instructor training program.