Apprentice Instructor Training Program

We believe that our apprentice instructor scheme is the best value course that we offer. You get to stay for an extended period but pay only for the first 6 months. After that you stay for free and may even be able to get paid work with us. After the initial training period of 6 months, apprentice instructors stay and train for free at the Kung Fu Retreat in return for helping with the teaching. This is a great opportunity to gain teaching experience and further training. The minimum time for an apprenticeship is one year (including the initial 6 months) but it can be extended indefinitely. Apprentice instructors can begin at two different times each year, approximately the start of May or November. Anyone interested in joining this scheme should contact us directly.

At the moment our organization is gaining popularity at an incredible rate so we are in need of more teachers. The chances of apprentice instructors getting a long term placement with us are high. If you are looking for a career teaching martial arts, this is a very good opportunity.

For a personal response from our chief instructor Iain Armstrong, please contact us making it clear that you are enquiring about the apprentice instructor scheme