Instructor Training Course.

Launch Your Self Into An Exciting New Life In A Truly Awesome Place With A Set Of Outstanding Teachers.


Picture your self:

  • Learning the original martial art which has inspired countless generations: Shaolin Kung Fu!
  • Launching yourself into a new life and new career.
  • Becoming part of one of the great martial arts families with a long line of awesome masters.
  • Mastering your self then leading and inspiring others.
  • Developing your self to new heights – physically, mentally and spiritually.
  • Spending time amongst the mountains, forests and pagodas of Thailand‘s remote northern frontier.
  • Meditating to find the calm within your self and to unlock your real potential.
  • Learning in small groups in a genuinely English speaking environment.

Picture this in your mind – how do you feel?


The Nam Yang Lineage. Left to Right: Bodhidharma, Tan Kew Leong, Ang Lian Huat, Tan Soh Tin, Iain Armstrong, Steven Keen.


Imagine joining this proud line of kung fu masters.  Picture your self armed with their skills and training techniques.  Imagine life as a kung fu master.  How different would it be?  How much better would it be?  Imagine being calm and completely in control of your self so that nothing disturbed you, nobody got on top of you.  What would this be worth to you?  What could be worth missing this opportunity for?

  • Don’t resign yourself to a lifetime of being ordinary.
  • Don’t miss this opportunity to unlock the power you have within.
  • Contact us via our contact form and let us know that you are interested in training to be an instructor.  You will be contacted personally by Master Iain Armstrong, Chief Instructor at the Kung Fu Retreat.

Master Iain and Instructor Steven Keen

It is really useful to have a true master. And of course, I have been taught by quite a few different people, each with their own emphasis and way of doing things. Good to get back to basics. It is a joy to pause and reach for that calm place inside, to rebalance and recharge the mind and body.” – Ram, former student.

How to get started


We have made this process as streamlined as possible. Simply click on the link below for full details of the instructor course, then contact us for a personal reply. It’s as easy as that!  If you need further information, we will be happy to supply it.

For full details of martial arts instructor certification course, click here.

Apprentice Instructor Program.

We are now taking on apprentice instructors.  We consider this our best value course.  If you are interested in long term kung fu training and maybe a career in martial arts take a look at our apprentice instructor program.