Long Stay Packages At The Kung Fu Retreat.

Long stays are for those who want to become outstanding martial artists with super human abilities.  The extra time allows for building a stronger, leaner, more flexible body, working higher through the grading system and learning more routines and weapons.  Long stays are ideal for those intending to become professional instructors.  Those intending to take up a position as chief instructor of their country should stay as long as possible so as to learn as much of the syllabus as possible.


18 Months.

Long enough to pass the seventh grading of the Shaolin Tiger Crane Art – equivalent of a 1st degree black belt – and to learn 9 Shaolin weapons.


2 Years.

Long enough to pass the eighth or maybe 9th grading of the Shaolin Tiger Crane Art  and to learn 12 Shaolin weapons.


3 Years.

Long enough to complete the syllabus of the Shaolin Tiger – Crane art and Shaolin weapon art.


You will learn:


  • Sum Chien (3 wars) – the famous Shaolin internal strength routine, including deeper aspects including breathing techniques, the use of your eyes and training of the senses, including the 6th sense! In six months you should properly be getting to grips with the training of Sum Chien, developing a good level of Shaolin internal strength and showing some serious muscle! (video)
  • The Tong Ling Chi Kung routine for health, relaxation and energy – to a very good level of competence. (video)
  • Bodhidharma’s Vein Tendon Chi Kung for tendon power.
  • The full Sun Frost White Crane Internal routine and the walking meditation.  (video).
  • A variety of effective, hard hitting techniques for practical self defence and the power to deliver them.
  • Chinese Boxing to a level where you can enter competition.
  • Pushing hands: and sticky hands – old school drills for fighting with Shaolin kung fu.
  • A variety of meditations and the ability to go deeper into meditation and hold your concentration.
  • The Shaolin staff  and Tan Tow (broadsword) routines plus another four weapons of your choice.
  • Takedowns – ways to put someone on the floor by tripping, sweeping or throwing.
  • Security drills: walk outs, immobilisations etc.
  • Defence against knives, baseball bats, iron bars etc.


You can expect to:


  • Maximise your health and fitness.
  • Significantly enhance the flow of Chi (energy) in your body.
  • Develop the Shaolin internal strength with which you can deliver truly devastating blows.
  • Feel a great deal more confident and able to handle confrontations effectively.
  • Develop the body of a true Shaolin warrior..
  • Develop calmness, self control and heightened awareness, approaching the ‘Zen’ mind of a Shaolin monk.
  • Improve your flexibility, probably to a very high level.
  • Completely de-tox your body.
  • Enjoy your self.
  • Be a seriously capable fighter.