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Shaolin Warrior Program


The Shaolin Warrior Program is by far our most popular course. We recommend it to anyone considering training with us. Refined and developed since our opening in 2008 it packs in the best elements of Chinese Kung Fu, Chi Kung and meditation in a way which has proved to give our students just what they want. Since most of our students are complete beginners in Kung Fu, we have developed the Shaolin Warrior Program to get beginners of to a strong start from day one. For those with experience, this program is still the best choice although we will push you ahead faster.

The Shaolin Warrior Program is a balanced mix of the different arts that we teach. It runs five days a week – Wednesdays and Saturdays are rest days and are ideal for exploring our local area.

We recommend that all students other than those wishing to take Kung Fu instructor training follow the Shaolin Warrior Program as their basic course of study. To this can be added our Intensive Introductory course and as much private tuition as desired.

Further information.

Training schedule.

What you can expect to learn over different periods of time.


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Our rooms are very comfortable with private bathroom and toilet. Rooms are shared between two people. If we are not full, you will be offered a room to yourself at the shared room price. If we are full, you can pay a surcharge for your own room. Please specify when you book. See our price list for details.


We supply breakfast every day and an evening meal five days a week as part of the package. Lunches can be supplied to order for a very small cost. Details.


For details of the training schedule click here. You are welcome to put in as much extra training as you wish outside the scheduled training times. Training takes place in groups. Private tuition is available on request for an additional fee.

Use of facilities

When staying at Nam Yang Mountain Retreat, all of the facilities, such as the kung fu gym and wifi are at your disposal for no extra charge.


While at the Nam Yang, you are respectfully requested to abide by the Nam Yang Code of Conduct.

Here are some sample packages available at the Kung Fu Retreat with suggestions as to just how much you can reasonably expect to learn in the time. Obviously this will vary from person to person. We do try to adapt our teaching to the people we have with us at the time and their individual interests.

We can, of course, book you in for any length of stay that you want. Prices quoted are for the Shaolin Warrior Program with accommodation, food and facilities as specified here.

Short Stay Packages At The Mountain Retreat, (up to 3 months).

1 Week, 2 Weeks, 1 Month, 3 Months.

Medium Stay Packages At The Mountain Retreat, (up to 1 year).

6 Months, 1 Year.

Long Stay Packages At The Mountain Retreat, (over 1 year).

18 Months - 3 years.

Intensive Introductory Course

IMG_0263 small

Our Intensive Introductory Course is designed to get people who have not trained in our arts before off to an extra fast start. It comprises eight hours of private / small group teaching on the fundamentals of kung fu and chi kung and runs during the breaks between the main training sessions. We recommend this to all new students. It is especially useful for those who are staying only a short time at our Retreat and those who need extra confidence. The intensive introductory course costs $150 US.

If you are coming to do Shaolin Warrior Program and have little or no experience of our arts, the intensive introductory course gives you a quick start and prepares you better to join in with the regular students. It comprises eight hours intensive private / small group tuition on the basics of the art, spread over the first week of your stay.

The content is flexible to suit individual requirements but typically includes detailed instruction on:

  • The Tong Ling chi kung system;
  • Chi kung theory;
  • Stance and posture;
  • Steps of the ‘Sum Chien’ routine (the basic exercise of the Shaolin Tiger – Crane art);
  • Basic steps and postures of the sun frost white crane art;
  • Body mechanics for strength without size;
  • Powerful penetrative striking using internal Power;
  • Simple defences;
  • Basics of pushing hands.

Price $150 US per / 5000 Thai Baht person. Available only to those on the Shaolin Warrior Program.

Intensive Fight Camps

Do you want to fight in the ring / cage? Our intensive fight camps offer serious coaching in competitive fight, particularly K1 kickboxing and San Da (Chinese Boxing). Technique, know how and power in punches, kicks, takedowns, throws and standing grapples / clinches. Combinations. Strength and fitness. Knowledge on diet, cutting weight, fight preparation and winning the mind game. Lots of sparring with detailed feedback from our coaches. If you are focussed on entering competitions, this is the choice for you.

Read more about our intensive fight camps.

* Warrior Fight Camp, for amateur and semi professional fighters: 13 - 27 August 2016
* Intensive Fight Camp Feb 2017, for amateur fighters: February 11-25, 2017
* Intensive Fight Camp June 2017, for amateur fighters: June 10 - 24, 2017

From: $718 US - $790 US for room shared between two
To: $1,150 US - $1,250 US / for private room

* 5 days / week, 5.30 to 7 hours training per day
* Chi Kung,
* Take Downs
* Punching Power and combinations
* Conditioning
* Meditation
* Kicks
Discover the full Training Schedule

* How to stretch
* Fight preparation
* Intelligent fighting
* Training Program and diet
* Cutting weight
* The Mind game
Read more about our Intensive Fight Camps

Instructor Training Courses

IAINFORKHILLTrain here in the mountains with us for an extended period and at the same time learn to teach and to run a kung fu school. When you graduate, set up your own kung fu school in a location of your choice. A way to change you life style and make a living doing what you love. This is a brilliant opportunity for those who want to make kung fu their lifestyle.

Find out all about our Instructor Training Courses.

Launch Your Self Into An Exciting New Life In A Truly Awesome Place With A Set Of Outstanding Teachers.


Picture your self:

  • Learning the original martial art which has inspired countless generations: Shaolin Kung Fu!
  • Launching yourself into a new life and new career.
  • Becoming part of one of the great martial arts families with a long line of awesome masters.
  • Mastering your self then leading and inspiring others.
  • Developing your self to new heights - physically, mentally and spiritually.
  • Spending time amongst the mountains, forests and pagodas of Thailand's remote northern frontier.
  • Meditating to find the calm within your self and to unlock your real potential.
  • Learning in small groups in a genuinely English speaking environment.

Picture this in your mind - how do you feel?


The Nam Yang Lineage. Left to Right: Bodhidharma, Tan Kew Leong, Ang Lian Huat, Tan Soh Tin, Iain Armstrong, Steven Keen.

Imagine joining this proud line of kung fu masters. Picture your self armed with their skills and training techniques. Imagine life as a kung fu master. How different would it be? How much better would it be? Imagine being calm and completely in control of your self so that nothing disturbed you, nobody got on top of you. What would this be worth to you? What could be worth missing this opportunity for?

  • Don't resign yourself to a lifetime of being ordinary.
  • Don't miss this opportunity to unlock the power you have within.
  • Contact us via our contact form and let us know that you are interested in training to be an instructor. You will be contacted personally by Master Iain Armstrong, Chief Instructor at the Kung Fu Retreat.


Master Iain and Instructor Steven Keen

"It is really useful to have a true master. And of course, I have been taught by quite a few different people, each with their own emphasis and way of doing things. Good to get back to basics. It is a joy to pause and reach for that calm place inside, to rebalance and recharge the mind and body." - Ram, former student.

How to get started


We have made this process as streamlined as possible. Simply click on the link below for full details of the instructor course, then contact us for a personal reply. It’s as easy as that! If you need further information, we will be happy to supply it.

For full details of martial arts instructor certification course, click here.

Apprentice Instructor Program.

We are now taking on apprentice instructors. We consider this our best value course. If you are interested in long term kung fu training and maybe a career in martial arts take a look at our apprentice instructor program.

Instructor certification courses at the Kung Fu Retreat have now been thoroughly updated based on our experiences over the last 6 years. What we have found is that most of the people who are interested in becoming an instructor need intensive training which is keyed to their own individual interests and which does not take too long or cost too much money but delivers all of the results necessary for long term success. Our new format is designed specially to fit these needs and works like this.

Training in teaching and in establishing and running a successful kung fu school is concentrated into a 2 week intensive course which will run once or twice a year depending on demand. Successful completion of this course will earn a martial arts instructor certification through Nam Yang.

Assessment in which arts an instructor is qualified to teach will be done on an individual basis by the Master level instructors present - most likely Grand Master Tan and Master Iain. This will include the following arts. Most of these can not be learned in a short time so a suggested minimum training time is included for qualification as a teacher in the art. Obviously this will differ for people who are already trained in these arts.

The Chi Kung Mastery Program:
· Tong Ling Chi Kung. 2 weeks.
· Tat Moh’s Vein Tendon Chi Kung. 2 weeks.
· Iron Shirt Chi Kung. Only available to experienced instructors.
· Shuang Yang Pei Ho. 4 months.
· Sum Chien. 3 months.
· Stretching. 2 weeks.
· Meditation. 1 month.

The Shaolin Warrior Program:
· Tiger – Crane Combination Kung Fu. 6 months - 2 years.
· Shaolin Weapons. 6 months - 2 years.

Sport Martial Arts Program:
· Chinese Boxing (San Da) 6 months - 2 years.

We do not expect that every teacher will be an expert in all of these areas so we work closely with each individual so as to make sure that they achieve what they want. For individual advice, please contact us.

The two week intensive teacher training course costs $ 350 US in addition to the normal weekly cost. Other than this there is no additional cost for instructor training, just the standard price for the Shaolin Warrior Program as found on our pricelist.

How To Apply.

For a personal response from our chief instructor please contact us making it clear that you are enquiring about the instructor training program.

If you are interested in training with us long term and perhaps pursuing a career as a martial arts instructor check out our apprentice instructor training program.

We believe that our apprentice instructor scheme is the best value course that we offer. You get to stay for an extended period but pay only for the first 6 months. After that you stay for free and may even be able to get paid work with us. After the initial training period of 6 months, apprentice instructors stay and train for free at the Kung Fu Retreat in return for helping with the teaching. This is a great opportunity to gain teaching experience and further training. The minimum time for an apprenticeship is one year (including the initial 6 months) but it can be extended indefinitely. Apprentice instructors can begin at two different times each year, approximately the start of May or November. Anyone interested in joining this scheme should contact us directly.

At the moment our organization is gaining popularity at an incredible rate so we are in need of more teachers. The chances of apprentice instructors getting a long term placement with us are high. If you are looking for a career teaching martial arts, this is a very good opportunity.

For a personal response from our chief instructor Iain Armstrong, please contact us making it clear that you are enquiring about the apprentice instructor scheme

Private Tuition


We can supply private tuition to suit each student. It has the advantages of your being able to choose what you want to learn and getting the full attention of your teacher. This is a great way to learn fast and is ideal if you want to learn something which is not being taught in the group session – for example a specialist weapon. It is also ideal if you want detailed feedback and coaching on your skills. We can also supply personal fitness training.

It is a great idea to book a few hours of private tuition to get detailed attention on the things that you most want to perfect.

We are happy for you to pick which teacher you would like. Do please book in advance since our teachers all train hard themselves so they have a very limited amount of free time into which to fit personal training. Costs vary between 600 and 2,500 Thai Baht per hour depending on the experience level of the instructor.

You are welcome to book private tuition at the same time as booking your stay with us or arrange it after you arrive.

Need more information? Please use the form on the right of the page to contact us – we will be happy to provide detailed answers to your questions.