Our facilities are built to a high standard with the intention of providing the best martial arts training and meditation environments.  We have many features which are not available at most training centres.

Training facilities include:

18 x 18m open training ground

Main training ground

Our main training area.  Big and with a solid, even floor.  Awesome views and ideal for filming / photography.

13 x 13m roofed training ground with 2cm jigsaw mats

Roofed training area

The roofed training area is ideal for training during the hot part of the day: the roof provides shade and cool air blows through keeping the temperature very comfortable even at mid day.  The mats make this area ideal for practising throws, take downs, rolls etc.  The yellow mats are arranged in an 8mx8m square with black mats surrounding them so as to form a San Da (Chinese boxing) competition area.  Amazing views and lights for night time training.

Training Circuit Features:

Punching bag.

Sand bags (hanging and free).  Ideal for toughening hands, arms and legs and for developing penetrative strikes.  More solid than typical punch bags.

Double sided tyre dummy.  Primarily intended as a kicking target, but has many other possible uses.

Tyre dummy

Parallel bars, low and high.

Parallel bars

General’s poles.

Generals poles

Perfect for developing springy power in both strikes and blocks.  We have a mixture of thick bamboos, bundles of thin bamboos and solid teak!

Solid pole.

Ideal for many blocking exercises as well as dynamic tension work.



We have a comprehensive collection of Shaolin weapons for training with.

Click here for more information on the Shaolin Weapons

Training Equipment

Training equipment

We are equipped with:

Focus mitts.

Kick pads.

Stone locks.

Wrist strengtheners.

On site kitchen and dining area serving delicious local food


Please click here for details.


We have wifi Internet throughout the property available free to all of our guests.  We do our best to keep up with the latest technology available but please be aware that internet services in the mountains of Northern Thailand are not as reliable as those in major cities.


Our rooms are designed to be comfortable enough for long term stays.  They are spacious, have separate bathrooms and toilet / washrooms and are equipped with fans.

All rooms have a 2m deep front terrace with chairs which serves as a living room and is very comfortable, even when the sun is hot.

Full specifications:

  • Front terrace 2m deep.
  • Main room 4×3.5m with front and back doors.
  • Furniture: 2 single beds, 2 chairs, coffee table and shelf unit.
  • Fittings: wall mounted fan, main light, reading light above each bed, mosquito net over each bed.
  • En suite shower room 2×1.25m with heated shower and towel rail.
  • En suite toilet 2×1.25m with wash basin, mirror  clothes hooks and 2 shelves.


Office facilities

Our office has a printer, copier and scanner.  We have a secondary office / classroom which can be made available to groups visiting the MTC: details available on request.



Giant statue of Tat Moh (Boddhidharma, Shaolin founder).

Buddha house (a mini temple, ideal for meditation).

TBuddha house

Photo / Filming Opportunities

The mountain retreat provides awesome opportunities for photography / filming. We encourage all who come to Nam Yang to bring a camera!  For martial arts professionals, we advise that you plan your photography early so that you leave with a really good set of pictures for publicity etc.