Home Farm

vegetablesWe are extremely proud of our small farm! There is something incredibly rewarding about watching your food grow, picking it, and finally eating it. It also ensures that the food is absolutely as fresh as possible, naturally ripened and free of any harmful chemicals.

We are growing aubergines, egg plants chillies, gourds, a variety of greens, cucumbers, pumpkins, winter melons, green beans, soy beans, Thai ginger, lemon grass, basil, coriander, cumin, bananas, papaya, red dates, and coffee. Our garden is expanding all the time so expect to see even more things growing when you arrive!

We are now fully self sufficient for rice.  We grow our own organic mountain rice which forms the basis of our diet.

We also have a small but growing flock of chickens and ducks. They are fed on rice, bananas and kitchen scraps and are able to peck around in the area near their chicken house so as to find a variety of nutrients.

Because we grow our food naturally, the supply is seasonal.  Different fruits and vegetables come into season at different times of the year.  September – October are perhaps the most prolific months.  🙂