Food at Nam Yang Tat MohQuality food is essential for martial artists in hard training.  We have our own kitchen garden, herb garden and fruit trees.  We are fully self sufficient for rice and papaya and largely self sufficient for vegetables.  We also produce a fair amount of fruit, according to season.  What we don’t grow ourselves, we choose carefully.  We prepare local style food but use selected medicinal herbs to improve its value.  Our diet is calculated to best support our Kung Fu training: we understand that we are what we eat.

Food prepared on site is as fresh, organic and healthy as possible and is usually delicious local Thai or Shan style, or sometimes Chinese or southern Thai style.

Meals start with one or two types of fruit and possibly some salad.  We then typically serve two main dishes with rice.  Most dishes are vegetarian but we do serve some meat and fish.  There will always be at least one vegetarian dish with each meal.  We also try our best to cater for specialist diets.

For most of our guests, the food is one of the highlights of their stay.

We supply breakfast daily and evening meals on training days.  Drinking water is supplied free with meals and is available from the kitchen free of charge at any time for resident students.

Fresh fruit and vegetablesThe instructors eat in the dining area, together with the students, which is testimony to the quality of the food and helps provide a good ethos for the school.  Meal times are therefore ideal for discussing Kung Fu and asking questions.

Almost any style of food can be purchased in Pai, (Italian, western, middle eastern, Chinese, Indian etc).  The local diet is based mainly around rice, meat, fresh-water fish, vegetables, fruit and spices. However, seafood is relatively expensive in the mountains.  Local fruit and vegetables are great, fresh and very cheap.