About Nam Yang Mountain Retreat


Mission Statement: To provide unrivaled quality training and rejuvenation for all visitors in the best possible environment

What is Nam Yang?

The Nam Yang Pugilistic Association is one of the world’s oldest Traditional Chinese Shaolin Temple Martial Arts schools. Nam Yang teaches Southern Shaolin Martial Arts styles, including Tiger-Crane Kung Fu and Shaolin Weapons systems, Hard and Soft Chi Kung, Lion and Dragon Dancing and Shuang Yang Pei Ho or the Sun and Frost White Crane Soft Internal Art. Nam Yang has trained students to become world ranked martial artists and our Lion and Dragon Dance teams perform around the world.

The mountain retreat is designed to be the ultimate martial arts training and meditation venue. It is set on 2.1 acres of land on the side of a mountain spur, bordering the jungle and maintaining awesome views across the Pai river valley to mountains which rise steadily to the Himalayas.

In the early morning, when we begin training, the mountains are usually shrouded in mist which gradually clears as the sun rises.

The school is built in the local Shan style architecture according to Chinese Feng shui principles.

We grow our own vegetables and in the near future expect to be self sufficient for rice, corn, vegetables, herbs and eggs.

Rooms are very spacious and comfortable with fan and en suite shower room and toilet / wash room.

We have our own kitchen and dining area where we prepare all of our own food, using home grown ingredients wherever possible.

We have wireless internet which is free to all those staying here.

Our training facilities include two octagonal training areas: an open area 18m x 18m and a roofed area 13m x 13m with 2cm thick mats throughout. We also have a training circuit with poles, a tyre dummy, punch bags and parallel bars.

Additional facilities include a prayer house, which may be used for meditation / prayer, an office and a huge statue of Tat Moh (Boddhidharma) the Shaolin founder.

The mountain retreat provides fantastic photo / video opportunities, with constantly changing views according to the season. It is also sheltered behind a mountain ridge so that no built up areas are within view – only farms, small villages, forested mountains etc. – but is in fact only 5 minute ride/drive from the lively town of Pai with its multitude of restaurants, bars, cafes etc. so you really do get the best of both worlds!

The mountain retreat is designed to give a complete experience, providing the best training, food, fun, air, medicine, views and rest.

This way, our students get the best experience and the best results. You can expect to leave the Nam Yang Mountain Retreat feeling healthier, stronger and more alert than when you arrived.

This has taken 10 – 15 years off my age!  It has lowered my blood pressure and pulse rate.  It has given me balance in my mind as well as my body.” – Sid


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