Are you satisfied with your life right now?

Have you ever thought about living a life of Kung Fu?

Did you ever dream of journeying to join a Kung Fu school high in the mountains, away from it all?  How would it be?


Covid has taken a very heavy toll on us all.

How has Covid affected your quality of life?
Are you feeling weak, suffering from stress, anxiety, deteriorating health, dissatisfaction, lethargy, self-doubt, loneliness, or lack of motivation?
Do you need a supportive community around you?

Now is a time for us all to take a good, clear look at ourselves.  You deserve a happy, healthy life.  Are you getting one?  If not then what are you going to do about it?  Now is a major turning point for the world, an opportunity for change: are you going to take action – or are you just going to continue with the same job, same lifestyle, same problems.


Now please take a few moments to consider just how different your life could be.

Picture yourself as a Kung Fu disciple living amongst the mountains, forests and pagodas of Asia, rising early to train in the first rays of the sun as it cuts through the thick mist, performing ancient exercises which bind body, mind and spirit together into a finely tuned whole.

Imagine yourself:

  • Launching yourself into a whole new life.
  • Becoming part of one of the great martial arts families with a long line of awesome masters.  
  • Learning the original martial art which has inspired countless generations: Shaolin Kung Fu!
  • Meditating to find the calm within you and to unlock your real potential.
  • Developing your self to new heights – physically, mentally and spiritually.
  • Mastering your self and inspiring others.
  • Living in a community of like minded people all focussed on self improvement.

When you picture this in your mind how do you feel?  How different is it to where you are at now?  How much better?  This is not just a dream – this is an opportunity which you can take advantage of right now!

Introducing Nam Yang Kung Fu Retreat

Discover your personal sanctuary nestled high in the mountains of northern Thailand. Train in traditional Shaolin Kung Fu alongside Master Iain, a two time Kung fu world champion and authentic Western Master, with clear lineage back to the ancient founders. Join a community that will stand with you and guide you on your path of discovery and self advancement as you learn the fighting techniques and internal mastery that sits at the core of Shaolin Kung fu.

The Place

Set in 12 acres of gardens on a mountain slope the Kung Fu Retreat is a place of natural beauty as well as of constructive activity.  The views are breathtaking and constantly change with the seasons.  If you are looking to find your ‘real home’ this could just be it!

The Master

Master Iain is the driving force behind the Kung Fu Retreat.  He and his wife founded the Retreat in 2007 and he lives and teaches here.  He is a Kung Fu philosopher and author with a 40 year track record of living Kung Fu. Trained personally by Grand Master Tan Soh Tin in Singapore, he’s a two-time world champion and veteran of real street battles.  Famous for his high-quality Kung Fu teaching, his instructional films and magazine articles, and for his demonstrations of Iron Shirt Chi Kung, Master Iain is a mine of information but retains a very practical, down to earth, and realistic approach. Most people who meet him are struck by his air of calm, patience, and wisdom.

Find out more about Master Iain.

Nam Yang

Nam Yang is one of the world’s foremost Kung Fu associations.  It was founded in 1954 by Master Ang Lian Huat who had left China at the end of the civil war.  From its beginnings amongst poor Chinese immigrants it has now spread to become a worldwide organisation with members on all major continents.  The reason that so many people choose us is that we are passionate about our arts, our history, our traditions, and – above all – our people.  We are passionate about real Kung Fu.

The Arts

Our Tiger – Crane are is real Shaolin Kung Fu.  Tiger – Crane implies Yin and Yang, hard and soft.  It is a balanced art, the middle way.  This is the Kung Fu of the old masters, the kung fu of old China.  Our mission is to keep it alive to benefit future generations.  Real kung fu is a way of life with philosophy, energy, spirit and vitality.  Never has it been more needed than now!

The Culture

Over its 1,500 year history Kung Fu has developed its own unique culture – something which we prize highly.  Each group functions as a family.  Members are brothers and sisters who support and motivate each other.  The experienced look after the newcomers.  The Master acts like a father figure.  

Our days are thoughtfully structured.  We start early with Chi Kung facing the rising sun, gradually progressing into more physical training, meals after the training sessions and an early finish so as to be able to sleep early.  

Our food is mostly either home grown in our gardens or ethically sourced from local farmers.  Meals are planned so as to support our training and our health generally.

Shaolin Warrior

Awaken the warrior within

Equip yourself with the weapons, skills, and confidence you need in order to claim victory in the ultimate battle: life! Immerse yourself in traditional Shaolin arts and learn the forms of true kung fu.  Strengthen both your mind and your body to master yourself and bring forth your ultimate warrior.  

Internal Kung Fu

Learn the secrets of the ancient Masters

This program concentrates on the deeper, internal aspects of old style kung fu. It uses a clever combination of physical movement, chi cultivation, and meditation to draw together mind, body, and breath. It delivers mental calm and focus, physical health and fitness, relaxed breathing, and well-balanced chi.

Life Balance

Chi Kung & Meditation

This program uses the arts, philosophy and knowledge accumulated by many generations of Chinese Masters to directly address the problems of modern western society. This program will empower you to harness your chi to release the full potential you have within. 

Rated the #1 thing to do in Pai



Why travel all the way to Thailand?

Our retreat is nestled in the misty mountains of northern Thailand, where Chi flows freely from the mountains and the sunrise…here, you are one with nature, in a country where martial arts have been practiced for centuries. The culture of Thailand is one of safety and respect. The weather here is often perfect with cool nights and warm days and little rain most of the year. The food is quite amazing, too!

This is a Kung Fu retreat that caters to Westerners, while staying true to to the awe inspiring spirit of traditional Kung Fu.  All of our instructors speak English, they understand the lifestyle you are coming from, and the programs have been crafted specifically for you. Making the journey to a place that captures the true spirit of Kung Fu will provide you with clarity, inspiration and an authentic Kung Fu experience that you just cannot get in the commercial Dojos back home. This is a journey that will set the direction for the rest of your life.

I am a beginner / not fit?

Our team is here to work with you at any level of your journey.  Whether you are a total novice, or very experienced, we will cater your training to help you get the very most out of it. 

Many of our students arrive with no knowledge or experience in Kung Fu, Qigong or meditation, but all leave fitter, experienced, and better than when they came. Our advice: Do not hesitate, you will not regret coming.

I am traveling alone?

Most of the students who attend the retreat are solo travelers. Community is a big part of the experience here at the Kung Fu Retreat. You will make meaningful connections with people who will share this transformational journey with you, and build relationships and bonds that will last a lifetime. We nurture a positive, stress free community who support each other’s progress. Here, you will find a sense of belonging as we welcome you into our global Kung Fu family.



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