18 Lohons

18 Lohons: Our Premium value package

This is the best training package that we have ever offered. If you want to go all the way as a Kung Fu warrior and, in time, maybe become a master yourself then this is the package for you.

What is special about this package?

  • Be taught directly by Master Iain.
  • Includes our full instructor training program at no additional cost!  Optional – you do not have to take the instructor training but it usually costs $9,600 Dollars and we are offering free to you as part of this package so if you are interested in teaching at some time in the future this is a great deal!  
  • This group get what seems to be the most sought after benefit here – direct access to Master Iain and his teaching via special lessons, tutorials and social events.
Our Team
Our Team

What certification will I get?

Tiger – Crane Kung Fu

  • Grading certificate:
    • 9 month stay intermediate level 2
    • 12 month stay intermediate level 3 
    • 15 month stay advanced level 1 
  • Teaching certificate: 
    • Instructor level 2*

Shuang Yang White Crane internal art: 

  • Instructor level 2*

Chi Kung: 

  • Instructor level 2*

Certificate of Kung Fu competence: intermediate level.

*Instructors certificates are renewable every 2 years.  A level 2 certificate is a full instructor’s certificate allowing you to teach.

All certification requires you to reach the appropriate standard.  This should be entirely possible for a person who trains, concentrates and conducts themself appropriately.

What bonuses do I get?

As well as access to our instructor training program you also get:

  • Accelerated progress through the grading system.
  • A special lesson each week, only for this group, with Master Iain or, if he is absent, one of the most senior instructors.  In other words, special lessons with the Master  – something which most people ask for above almost everything else.
  • Weekly tutorials with the Master.  These will take the form of ‘tea talks’ – drinking Chinese tea and discussing the deepest aspects of Kung Fu, Chi, Chinese philosophy etc.  Here is where you can ask all of your questions.  
  • Excursions and social activities.  A monthly dinner, a monthly outing and any other good ideas that we can come up with.  The point is to strengthen our ‘family’ bond and build a genuinely cohesive, supportive group.  
  • Guest teachers.  Whenever we have teachers of other arts visit us and offer their teachings we will give you the opportunity to train with them and broaden your experience.
Our Team
Our Team

What will I learn?

Tiger – Crane Kung Fu

The following routines:

Sum Chien Three Wars.

Tet Bay Sum Chien. Three Wars – the shuffling version.

Sip Ji Kuen Fists of the Cross.

Chap Tsar Tai Por 13 Immortals

Si MuenDow Duey Conquering the Four Gates.

Tien Tay Lin Chien War of Heaven, Earth and Man.


For 12 month stay also:

Haw Tiap Shuang Huei Twin Butterflies Flying Together.


For 15 month stay also:

Pei Ho Tien Sit The White Crane Spreading its Wings.

Shaolin Weapons:

Kun Staff

Tan Tow Single Knife (Chinese Broadsword).

9 month stay 3 additional weapons.

12 month stay 4 additional weapons.

15 month stay 5 additional weapons.

Additional weapons include:

  • Tiger Fork
  • HorseCutting Knife
  • Snake Head Kek
  • Tiger Hooks
  • Double Crescent Axes
  • Moon Crescent
  • Monk’s spade
  • Hook Spear
  • Sword
  • Double daggers
  • Thumb Hook Knives
  • Double Butterfly Knives
  • 3 section staff.

And many more.  🙂

Shuang Yang – Sun Frost White Crane Internal Art.

The full system including both the freehand and cane routines.

Chi Kung:

  • Tong Ling System.
  • Bodhidharma’s Vein Tendon Chi Kung.

Both systems in their entirety.

Fixed Sparring Routines:

All 4 two person freehand sparring routines.

At least one weapon sparring routine.

Kicks and Sweeps.

Groin Kick

Front Thrusting Kick

Crane Kick

Side Kick

Roundhouse Kick

Back Thrusting Kick

Back Spinning Kick

Standing Front Sweep

Standing Hook Sweep

Front Drop Sweep

Back Drop Sweep

Sliding Scissor Sweep.

Defence Techniques:

A wide variety of fighting techniques including takedowns, weapon disarms, control and restraint techniques (including arm, wrist and shoulder locks), Hokkien ground fighting, escape techniques, pressure point manipulations, defeating multiple opponents and fast knockouts.

Please do remember that the more that you put into your training, the more you will get out of it. 

Prices (US Dollars):

 Private RoomRoom shared Between Two
9 months
12 months
15 months

* Prices are based on full payment for the program in advance. Price includes accommodation, Lohan training, 2 meals a day on training days, use of the gym and other facilities.

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