Live The Kung Fu Lifestyle

Have you ever dreamed of journeying to a far off land to learn self mastery in a traditional Kung Fu retreat?


Where Dreams Become Reality

Picture yourself as a Kung Fu disciple living amongst the mountains, forests and pagodas of Asia, rising early to train in the first rays of the sun as it cuts through the thick mist, performing ancient exercises which bind body, mind and spirit together into a finely tuned whole.

Take a deep, slow breath and imagine…

Developing yourself to new heights – physically, mentally and spiritually.

Mastering yourself and inspiring others.

Meditating to find the calm within youand to unlock your true potential

Becoming part of one of the great martial arts families with a long line of awesome masters. 

Learning the original martial art which has inspired countless generations: Shaolin Kung Fu!

Living in a community of like minded people all focussed on self improvement.

When you picture this in your mind how do you feel?  How different is it to where you are at now?  How much better?

This is not just a dream – this is an opportunity which you can take advantage of right now!


Transform your Kung Fu dream into a reality

There is a huge difference between ‘doing some Kung Fu’ and really living the life of Kung Fu. If you want to experience the real life of Kung Fu then our Kung Fu Lifestyle packages are the right choice for you.  

Whether you want to spend a month or a year training and mastering yourself, Nam Yang Kung Fu Retreat is where you can discover your true self and unlock your higher purpose.

Kung Fu Lifestyle Packages

We offer four different medium to long stay packages, each with a well planned teaching syllabus and accelerated progress through our grading system in order to reach a clearly defined level of achievement.  As well as all of what we normally offer they include: 

  • extra lessons, specifically for that group
  • extra tutorials
  • social events
  • unique lessons by guest teachers (when they are available).

Each of the four groups is limited to 18 students only.

Package One: The 18 Lohons

Named after the 18 Lohon monks, the followers of the Buddha. The Lohans are an elite group that train directly under Nam Yang’s Kung Fu Master Iain and includes full instructor training at no extra cost.

Certification available:

  • Tiger – Crane Kung Fu: intermediate level 2/ 3 or advanced level 1 (depending on length of stay): instructor level 2.
  • Shuang Yang White Crane internal art: instructor level 2.
  • Chi Kung: instructor level 2.
  • Certificate of Kung Fu competence: intermediate level.

9, 12, 15 month options. (Please enquire about longer stays). 

If you want to completely immerse yourself in a life of Kung Fu and especially if you want instructor training from a Kung Fu Master, choose this option. There can only be 18 Lohans at any given time, so please don’t delay in securing your place in this elite group.

Package Two: The 13 Immortals

Named after the 13 Taoist Immortals, this 6-month package is designed for those who want to gain self mastery and obtain a solid level in Kung Fu.

  • Gain our Certificate of Competence – intermediate level.
  • Work on your mind, your body and your life.
  • Your tutor will be one of our most senior instructors and deliver special lessons and tutorials each week.

Certification available:

  • Tiger – Crane Kung Fu: intermediate level 1 (Conquering the four gates).
  • Certificate of Kung Fu competence: intermediate level.

If you have 6 months available to live the life of Kung Fu, are interested in working on yourself, and do not want instructor training at this time; choose this option. We only take on 18 Immortals at one time.

Package Three: The 108 Heroes

Named after the 108 heroes of the water margin, this is an 18 week (4.5 month) full Kung Fu immersion course.

  • Challenge yourself physically and mentally.
  • Structured training program
  • Dedicated group lessons –  group tutor is senior instructor.
  • Complete the basic training of Kung Fu.

Certification available:

  • Tiger – Crane Kung Fu: basic level 3 (the 13 immortals). 
  • Certificate of Kung Fu competence: basic level.

If you have 18 weeks available to immerse yourself in the life of Kung Fu, want to progress as far as you can with Kung Fu, and do not require instructor training, choose this option.

Package Four: White Cranes

This group is for those who have less time to commit but still want a very concentrated training program.

  • Gain our Certificate of Competence – basic level.
  • Complete all 8 of our Master Classes.
  • Squeeze a huge amount of training into just 10 weeks.

Certification available:

  • Tiger – Crane Kung Fu: basic level 2 (Fists of the cross).
  • Certificate of Kung Fu competence: basic level.

If you want an intensive 10-week program that will help you discover yourself and unlock your true potential, choose this program.

It’s Time For A Change

How has COVID-19 affected the quality of YOUR life? Are you feeling weak, suffering from stress, anxiety, deteriorating health, dissatisfaction, lethargy, self-doubt, loneliness, or lack of motivation?

Do you need a supportive community around you?

Now is the ideal time for us all to take a good, clear look at ourselves.  You deserve a happy, healthy life.  Are you getting one?  If not then what are you going to do about it?  

2021 will be a major turning point for the world, an opportunity for change: are you going to take action – or are you just going to continue with the same job, same lifestyle, same problems?

Start The Conversation

If you want more information on any of these packages, or want to discuss the easiest way to get here, you can book a free consultation below:

2021 Pandemic Discounts Offer

We are offering huge COVID-19 discounts to help you get out here as soon as possible and start living the healthy life of Kung Fu. We are able to support you with VISA’s and Covid-19 travel options. 

If you take action today, you could be here in 2 weeks time, enjoying the fresh mountain air, where the troubles of the world seem a long way away. 

The following discounts apply to all packages, but are on a first-in, first served basis. 

Pay by this date.
Receive this discount.
Feb. 28, 2021
March 31, 2021
April 30, 2021
May 31, 2021

We suggest booking as soon as possible to get the biggest discount.  We are giving these discounts only because of the present crisis.  Please do not think that we will be offering a 40% discount after travel opens up again – we won’t! 

Despite the chaos and disruption in the world, now is the perfect time to take the journey of a lifetime. 


What happens if my travel arrangements are disrupted because of the pandemic?

You still get all of what you paid for.  For example if you paid for a 15 months stay, your 15 months begins the day that you check in.  So even if you have to delay your arrival you lose nothing.

I have trained with you already, what grade do I start at?

You continue to progress from where you are now.  So, for instance, if you are already on the ‘basic 2’ grade you will start off working towards ‘basic 3’.  We will set an individual target for you.  It is best to discuss this with us before booking your stay as we may recommend a different stay length for you than usual.

Can I work online during my stay?

Yes!  We expect growing numbers of people to work remotely from the Kung Fu Retreat in the future. 

We have a fairly good 4G internet connection.  If you want a back up you can simply buy a Thai SIM card.  If you need to miss some training so as to work online then that is fine by us – please just tell us in advance.  We do advise that if you need to work online then you book a private room.

What are the facilities at the Retreat?

Our facilities include 3 training areas, 2 of which are roofed with mats, and a gym to suit specifically Kung Fu students. We also have a Meditation / Prayer Room, Tree House, Dining area where we prepare food and teas, library, gardens, and a smoking area.  We do not have a kitchen available for student use but we do have a communal fridge. For accommodation, take a look here. For more information on our facilities, check here.

Can I choose a different length of stay?


Stay lengths can be extended.  So, for example, if you want to do 15 weeks on the ‘White Crane’ package then you can. Please just tell us what you want.

Can I use credit that I already have with you towards these courses?


Does your cancellation insurance apply to the ‘Kung Fu Lifestyle Packages’?


What happens when all 18 places in a group are filled?

We start a waiting list!  So that as soon as one person completes their stay another can fill their slot.  If you really want to start straight away and no places are available then you will be able to begin as a regular student and join, for example, the ‘18 Lohons’ as soon as there is an opening.

I am already booked onto a different course but these sound much better. Can I change to one of these?


Whatever you have already paid will be transferred over.  Please just ask us about this.

Can you advise me regarding travel?


We are watching the travel news closely and have put together an online document with a summary of exactly how to get into Thailand at the moment.  We also have a Whatsapp group so that the different people intending to travel can support each other.  Let us know if you would like access to our information and support group.

Can you help me get from Bangkok/Chiang Mai to the Retreat?

Yes! We’d be more than happy to advise you on getting to the Retreat and can certainly help. We suggest from Bangkok to head for Chiang Mai. From there, you can choose between taking a minibus or taxi. Please see here for more details:

If you’d like to book a taxi from Chiang Mai, just let us know and we will help arrange it.

Can you help me to get a visa?


Visa rules change constantly – please understand this.  At present Thailand is promoting the ‘special tourist visa’ and you should enter with one of these if at all possible. They are a very cheap option!  Otherwise get a single entry tourist visa.  Once you are here we will help you get a one year visa, which will allow you to stay a further one year if you want.  In fact it should be possible to keep renewing your visa every year.  We can not offer education visas.

Can I take time out during my stay?


Living the disciplined life of Kung Fu can be challenging and many people will need to take time out now and again.  This is fine.  Just let us know when you want to take a holiday.  So long as you clear your room while you are away it will not count as part of your stay.  Thailand is a great place to explore and we encourage you to take the opportunity.  We will also organise regular group excursions for you.

Please note, though, that some of the discount deals that we offer may be tied to stays at specific dates.  So if you want to be able to take time out, check before buying a discounted deal.

When can I start?

A number of people are applying to travel here now since they have had enough of winter, lockdown, and general bad atmospheres.  If you don’t mind doing the quarantine and other travel requirements then you are welcome to start as soon as you can get here.

If you would like us to suggest a start date for you then May 22 is a good date to aim for.  At present two weeks quarantine are required on arriving in Thailand.  So to start on May 22nd would require arriving by May 7 or preferably before.  By May 22 the hot season will have properly ended and things should be returning to normal after covid – we hope.  So this is a great time to arrive.

It is safe where you are?

Yes.  It is quite amazingly safe!  Far safer, for instance, than any town or city in the UK or, we suspect, pretty much anywhere in Europe or America.  Local people are a very diverse ethnic mix but they all tend to be happy, friendly and peaceful.  Robberies and assaults are almost unheard of.  We do ask all of our people, though, to behave in an equally friendly fashion and not start conflicts with the locals.  🙂

Are there women attending and/or teaching the program?

Yes.  We are popular with women and have a number of women on our teaching team.  The number of women here sometimes exceeds the number of men!  More often than not there are more men than women but we have a much more balanced gender ratio than most Martial Arts groups.

How beginner friendly is this?

All of our courses are designed to be completely accessible to beginners.  Just come with a positive attitude and a desire to learn – we will take care of the rest.

I am unsure whether I am fit enough to do this.

It is not necessary to be particularly fit when you begin – our program will develop your fitness for you.  For people under, say 45, even if your fitness is below average you should be fine.  If you are over 60 then it will help if your fitness is above average for your age.  If you are in doubt about your fitness, we will set up a call with you and offer you our advice.

Am I going to get hurt if I come train?

While we can’t guarantee that accidents won’t happen, the experience at the Nam Yang Training Center is designed to be completely safe. We have never had a serious accident, and everyone who comes here is encouraged to push themselves only to a level they are comfortable with. We do not encourage hard sparring since it often leads to injuries.  When people attend one or two classes a week as is common in the West, having to miss a few weeks’ training because of an injury is no big deal. When you have flown all the way to Thailand and invested time and money in attending a Retreat like ours, it would be much more serious. This is why we are purposely very protective of our students.

Do you have other questions?

We will be very happy to answer them in full.  Just enter your details below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.  


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