Are you satisfied with your life right now?

Have you ever thought about living a life of Kung Fu?

Did you ever dream of journeying to join a Kung Fu school high in the mountains, away from it all?  How would it be?


Covid has taken a very heavy toll on us all.

How has Covid affected your quality of life?
Are you feeling weak, suffering from stress, anxiety, deteriorating health, dissatisfaction, lethargy, self-doubt, loneliness, or lack of motivation?
Do you need a supportive community around you?

Now is a time for us all to take a good, clear look at ourselves.  You deserve a happy, healthy life.  Are you getting one?  If not then what are you going to do about it?  Now is a major turning point for the world, an opportunity for change: are you going to take action – or are you just going to continue with the same job, same lifestyle, same problems.


Now please take a few moments to consider just how different your life could be.

Picture yourself as a Kung Fu disciple living amongst the mountains, forests and pagodas of Asia, rising early to train in the first rays of the sun as it cuts through the thick mist, performing ancient exercises which bind body, mind and spirit together into a finely tuned whole.

Imagine yourself:

  • Launching yourself into a whole new life.
  • Becoming part of one of the great martial arts families with a long line of awesome masters.  
  • Learning the original martial art which has inspired countless generations: Shaolin Kung Fu!
  • Meditating to find the calm within you and to unlock your real potential.
  • Developing your self to new heights – physically, mentally and spiritually.
  • Mastering your self and inspiring others.
  • Living in a community of like minded people all focussed on self improvement.

When you picture this in your mind how do you feel?  How different is it to where you are at now?  How much better?  This is not just a dream – this is an opportunity which you can take advantage of right now!

Are you interested in a Kung Fu Lifestyle?

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Introducing Nam Yang Kung Fu Retreat

Discover your personal sanctuary nestled high in the mountains of northern Thailand. Train in traditional Shaolin Kung Fu alongside Master Iain, a two time Kung fu world champion and authentic Western Master, with clear lineage back to the ancient founders. Join a community that will stand with you and guide you on your path of discovery and self advancement as you learn the fighting techniques and internal mastery that sits at the core of Shaolin Kung fu.


The Place

Set in 12 acres of gardens on a mountain slope the Kung Fu Retreat is a place of natural beauty as well as of constructive activity.  The views are breathtaking and constantly change with the seasons.  If you are looking to find your ‘real home’ this could just be it!


The Master

Master Iain is the driving force behind the Kung Fu Retreat.  He and his wife founded the Retreat in 2007 and he lives and teaches here.  He is a Kung Fu philosopher and author with a 40 year track record of living Kung Fu. Trained personally by Grand Master Tan Soh Tin in Singapore, he’s a two-time world champion and veteran of real street battles.  Famous for his high-quality Kung Fu teaching, his instructional films and magazine articles, and for his demonstrations of Iron Shirt Chi Kung, Master Iain is a mine of information but retains a very practical, down to earth, and realistic approach. Most people who meet him are struck by his air of calm, patience, and wisdom.

Find out more about Master Iain.


Nam Yang

Nam Yang is one of the world’s foremost Kung Fu associations.  It was founded in 1954 by Master Ang Lian Huat who had left China at the end of the civil war.  From its beginnings amongst poor Chinese immigrants it has now spread to become a worldwide organisation with members on all major continents.  The reason that so many people choose us is that we are passionate about our arts, our history, our traditions, and – above all – our people.  We are passionate about real Kung Fu.


The Arts

Our Tiger – Crane art is real Shaolin Kung Fu.  Tiger – Crane implies Yin and Yang, hard and soft.  It is a balanced art, the middle way.  This is the Kung Fu of the old masters, the kung fu of old China.  Our mission is to keep it alive to benefit future generations.  Real kung fu is a way of life with philosophy, energy, spirit and vitality.  Never has it been more needed than now!


The Culture

Over its 1,500 year history Kung Fu has developed its own unique culture – something which we prize highly.  Each group functions as a family.  Members are brothers and sisters who support and motivate each other.  The experienced look after the newcomers.  The Master acts like a father figure.  

Our days are thoughtfully structured.  We start early with Chi Kung facing the rising sun, gradually progressing into more physical training, meals after the training sessions and an early finish so as to be able to sleep early.  

Our food is mostly either home grown in our gardens or ethically sourced from local farmers.  Meals are planned so as to support our training and our health generally.


Are you interested in a Kung Fu Lifestyle?

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What Can This Do For Me?

Chinese medicine recognizes the four great doctors:

  • Doctor Exercise

  • Doctor Diet

  • Doctor Sleep

  • Doctor Merry

Let’s think for a moment about how coming here is going to get each of these great natural doctors working specifically for you.

Dr. Exercise

Dr. Exercise

Our exercise is not about ‘thrashing’ you or pushing you beyond your limits. It builds you progressively. Exercise should make you feel better, not worse. Exercise should carry you through an active, vigorous old age – you should never have to retire from exercise.

Doctor Diet

Doctor Diet

We grow our own food, pick it fresh and cook it ready to eat. The whole idea of a ‘home farm’ sounds easy but in fact is nothing of the sort! Farming, harvesting and meal preparation are all hard work which is why most people can not make this happen. We have our own team working on this which means that you don’t have to worry about it. When you finish training your freshly prepared meal is ready and waiting for you.

Doctor Sleep

Doctor Sleep

As the saying goes ‘early to sleep and early to rise makes you healthy and wealthy and wise’. It is very easy to slip into bad sleep patterns. It is very difficult to discipline your self into going to bed early and waking up early. This is where living in a community like ours really helps. The knowledge that your friends and teachers will be waiting for you is a really strong motivator to get you training at 6.00am. The knowledge that you will need to be training at 6.00am is a really good motivator to get you to sleep early. And a regular sleep pattern can transform your life!

The structured routine that we provide for you benefits a lot more than sleep. Humans thrive on regularity and activity. The crazy thing is that the busier your routine the easier it always seems to be to find time to do things. If you need to work online, make calls or answer mails, having a clear daily timetable is the best thing possible.

Doctor Merry

Doctor Merry

Humans thrive on happiness. We need happiness to be healthy. Real happiness has little to do with money. More than anything else it stems from the quality of the relationships which you have with the people around you – especially the ones who mean the most to you. This is where your Kung Fu family really comes to the rescue. We are here to support you, encourage you and motivate you. We are here to do our best to keep you happy. Kung Fu is not a boring discipline and we are not a monastery – you are not expected to live like monks. We value happiness and we want to share our happiness with you.

Doctor Self esteem

Doctor Self esteem

Maybe there should be a few other doctors too. For example doctor fresh air and doctor self esteem! 🙂 We all need self esteem, self respect, self belief and self confidence. Just as much as we need food and water. The whole covid episode has shattered many people self esteem. Businesses, careers and relationships have been ruined. Almost everyone needs their self esteem rebuilt. Kung Fu, and martial arts in general, are self esteem building machines. And they have been for the last 1,500 years. Kung Fu has stood the test of time because it works. And it works so incredibly well! When you come here we will put that self esteem building machine to work on you so as to bring out the real person who is there, deep inside you, waiting to emerge and shine.

Why not let us get these great doctors working their medicine on you?

Reconnect with your self.


Find your warrior within.



“Nam Yang Kung Fu retreat is truly unique. This is THE place to train and develop your mind and body. Master Iain is an inspiration to learn from. Our talks in the morning had developed our minds to a new level. The training develops your body and coordination. We loved the Kung Fu training for combat and self-defence, and as well the Chi Kung (Qigong). Meditation for health, vitality and enlightenment. We will be back! Strongly recommend to go with your spouse and/or friends. This is an experience for life. Share it the ones you love!” -Anders


“It is so great to find out when you arrive someplace you’ve never been, to do something you’ve done, that you found the real deal. Nam Yang Kung Fu Retreat was just that for me. I stayed at the retreat for two weeks and wish it could have longer. Master Ian and his entire staff of instructors are patient, friendly, thorough, respectful and unbelievably knowledgeable. I went for the Qigong life style program, being 68 and more interested in meditation than martial arts, however, I found the conditioning, stretching and Kung Fu training not only challenging, but great fun. It was much more than I expected and if my body allows, I plan to return.” -David


“I’d really recommend staying at least a few weeks to a month. It takes time for your mind and body to adjust, and to really feel the benefits of what you’re doing. The people who stayed for 2-3+ months seemed to have learnt a huge amount.

You don’t spar as with boxing, partly because it would be too dangerous. The ‘sticking hands’ and ‘pushing hands’ fighting practice sessions are perfect though. Even that can get quite intense, but everyone respects each other’s comfort levels. You may be tapping one partner, then going at each other while still pulling your punches with the next. You should be in control the whole time though. Learning to calm my mind in that situation was one of the most powerful things I took away from the trip. That and the ‘Shuang Yuang’, an interesting and powerful moving meditation that takes a lifetime to master.

I came away with exactly what I’d wanted, and so much more. If you’re considering going to Nam Yang, just do it. You won’t regret it.” -Jon


“The philosophy of Chinese Kung fu is very much alive and being taught here by the Master Iain Armstrong. The level wisdom and intelligence is evident from someone that has devoted their life to the art.
The retreat it’s self has everything you need. A well equipped gym and practice spaces. Various options for accommodation with all facilities required. Excellent food based around the nutritional requirements to complement your training. A selection of literature to further your knowledge while you stay and a cosy tree house where you can relax, read, take in the beautiful surroundings connecting to nature.
People from all around the world are drawn here, all with different stories and backgrounds but all generally focused on making improvements to their lives. This makes a great environment to make friends and support each other on the journey.
At the end of a month stay at Nam Yang I’ve found a new passion to live a balanced lifestyle and focus on wellbeing.
Thank you to Master Iain Armstrong and all of the team at Nam Yang.” –Harry


“If like me your getting up there in years and you may think Kung Fu is for young people only, think again. Sure you may physical challenges that comes with an aging body, but Kung Fu is so much more than a physical activity. It has truly given me a whole new way of viewing every aspect of my life. I strongly recommend it for any age! They say all you need to do to be successful at it is to start and then not stop! Sounds like a good plan to me! Give it a try! I promise you wii come away a different person.” -Gregory


Our Unique Offer to You

We are offering stays of either 9, 12 or 15 months during which we will work on you to find your full potential and bring out your Nam Yang warrior within.  

You will be part of an exclusive group called the ‘Lohons’ named after the 18 Lohon monks, the followers of the Buddha.  Needless to say the size of this group will be limited to 18 although at first we expect numbers to be very much less.  

As part of this special group you will follow a special timetable, slightly different from our usual programs and featuring:

  • Accelerated progress through the grading system.
  • A special lesson each week, only for this group, with Master Iain or, if he is absent, one of the most senior instructors.  In other words, special lessons with the Master  – something which most people ask for above almost everything else.
  • Weekly tutorials with the Master.  These will take the form of ‘tea talks’ – drinking Chinese tea and discussing the deepest aspects of Kung Fu, Chi, Chinese philosophy etc.  Here is where you can ask all of your questions.  
  • Excursions and social activities.  A monthly dinner, a monthly outing and any other good ideas that we can come up with.  The point is to strengthen our ‘family’ bond and build a genuinely cohesive, supportive group.  
  • Guest teachers.  Whenever we have teachers of other arts visit us and offer their teachings we will give you the opportunity to train with them and broaden your experience.
Be clear – we are offering you something that we have never offered before since the opening of the Retreat in 2008: increased access direct to the Master.  

What would this be worth to you?

What could be worth missing this opportunity for?



Our prices vary depending on whether you book a shared room or a private room.

9 month 12 month 15 month

Shared $12,939 $16,099 $20,123

Private $18,000 $ 22,400 $28,000

All prices in US Dollars.

Are you wondering whether your new life in Kung Fu would be worth the price?

What you should be considering is ‘are you worth the price?’  For far less than the cost of a new car you are buying a unique chance to improve your self, to improve your life, to become a happier, healthier better person.  The new car rapidly becomes a second hand car and loses its appeal: work that you do on yourself, your core self, stays with you for the rest of your life and can never be taken away from you.  Consider your real values, consider your real priorities and choose to do what is best for you.


Can we offer you a discount?


Like a lot of other people we have been hit hard by the covid crisis so we are offering a discount scheme which will help both us and you.  If you pay in advance we will reduce the cost by up to 50%.  In other words we are making a half price offer.


Pay by this date. Receive this discount.

December 31 2020 50%

Feb 28 2021 40%

March 31 2021 30%

April 30 2021 20%

May 31 2021 10%

These are big discounts.  Worth up to $14,000.  We are not going to offer such big reductions again.  We are only offering them now because of the impact of the pandemic. 


Now is your chance!

Don’t hesitate!

We want to find out more about you.  So we will ask you to answer some simple questions about your vision for your self and your ‘Kung Fu dream.’  This will help us properly understand you so that we will really be able to get the best out of you.  At this point we will put you in direct contact with Master Iain so as to begin your new life, your journey into Kung Fu!

You have character, you have spirit, you have energy.  This is your opportunity to bring them out, to make yourself shine.

Don’t resign yourself to a lifetime of being ordinary.

Don’t miss this opportunity to free your spirit and unlock the full power you have within.

P.S. Do you really still need to think about this?
Please let us offer you even better value…

Free instructor training

We offer the following instructor training courses:

Chi Kung (Qigong) Instructor.  3 week course.  $2,199 private room, $1,678 shared room.

Kung Fu instructor level 1.  Intensive 200 hour / 4 week course.  $3,000.

Internal Kung Fu instructor level 2 internship $3,000.

Full Kung Fu instructor level 2 internship $6,000.

During your stay with us we will give you access to all of these courses free of charge if you wish.  This is a huge bonus – work out the savings for yourself.

You could leave as a qualified Kung Fu teacher ready to run your own classes.

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Another bonus…

Staged Payment Plans

Do you really want to do this but lack the money right now?  We can set up a staged payment plan for you so that you pay in small installments

Are you interested in a Kung Fu Lifestyle?

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So what’s stopping you?

Einstein famously said that you will never solve a problem with the same thinking that created it.  

You will never fix your problems by following the same lifestyle that created them for you!  

Get out of the rat race now.  

Get yourself over to one of the most beautiful places on Earth, join a group of truly remarkable people and find your force within and let it shine out.  

Or spend the rest of your life regretting the missed opportunity!

Are you interested in a Kung Fu Lifestyle?

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What happens if my travel arrangements are disrupted because of the pandemic?

You still get all of what you paid for.  For example if you paid for a 15 months stay, your 15 months begins the day that you check in.  So even if you have to delay your arrival you lose nothing.

Can I work online during my stay?


We have a fairly good 4G internet connection.  If you want a back up you can simply buy a Thai SIM card.  If you need to miss some training so as to work online then that is fine by us – please just tell us in advance.  We do advise that if you need to work online then you book a private room.

Can I use credit that I already have with you towards this promotion, does my existing credit stack with these discounts?


If you already have credit with us you can put it towards this deal – and still get the full discount on any further payments that you make.  If you want to use existing credit towards this deal, please ask us to explain how it works. 

Can I combine your cancellation insurance package with this deal?


Please understand, though, that when we calculate the value of any time that you have already stayed then we will do so at the non discounted price. 

Suppose I can pay only part of the cost of my stay before the deadline?

Then the discount will apply to that part which you pay.  For example if you pay $3,000 before the end of the year then that will count as $6,000 towards the total cost of your stay.  We will be happy to work out details with you – please just contact us and ask. 

What happens when all 18 places are filled?

We start a waiting list!  So that as soon as one person completes their stay another can fill their slot.  If you really want to start straight away and no places are available then you will be able to begin as a regular student and join the ‘18 Lohons’ as soon as there is an opening.

I am already booked onto a different course but this sounds much better and has a big discount. Can I change to this one?


Whatever you have already paid will be transferred over and any further money that you have to pay will receive the discount.  Please just ask us about this.

Can you help me to get a visa?


Visa rules change constantly – please understand this.  At present Thailand is promoting the ‘special tourist visa’ and you should enter with one of these if at all possible. They are a very cheap option!  Otherwise get a single entry tourist visa.  Once you are here we will help you get a one year visa, which will allow you to stay a further one year if you want.  In fact it should be possible to keep renewing your visa every year.  We can not get education visas.

Can I choose a different length of stay?


The minimum length of stay is 9 months.  If you want you can book for 10, 18, or any other whole number of months.  Please mail us to confirm prices.  

What is the minimum length of stay?

For this offer the minimum length of stay is 9 months.  If you have any questions or concerns about the length, just let us know!

What is the maximum length of stay that this discount is available for?

We have thought careful about this and decided not to impose maximum length of stay.  In other words you can book for as long as you like!  This means that you can save a very great deal of money.  For example if you book 3 years in a private room the usual cost is $59,200 so you could save $29,600 – which is a lot!  You will be helping us get through covid, though, so why not!  We do realise that not many people will book for this long – but we have already had one enquiry!

Can I take time out during my stay?


Living the disciplined life of Kung Fu can be challenging and many people will need to take time out now and again.  This is fine.  Just let us know when you want to take a holiday.  So long as you clear your room while you are away it will not count as part of your stay.  Thailand is a great place to explore and we encourage you to take the opportunity.  We will also organise regular group excursions for you.

When can I start?

You are welcome to start as soon as you can get here.  If you would like us to suggest start dates for you then December 19 and May 22 are good dates to aim for.  


At present two weeks quarantine are required on arriving in Thailand and this is likely still to be the case in December.  So to arrive here by the 19th you would need to be in Thailand before the 5th.  Arrival by the 19th will mean that you will have settled in by Christmas – in case that is important for you.  It will also mean that you get to see the cool season – one of the most popular times of year – and have 2 months to acclimatise before the hot season.

By May 22 the hot season will have properly ended and things should be returning to normal after covid – we hope.  This is a great time to arrive. 

Of course you can choose any other time.  We will be happy to advise you.

Do you have other questions?

We will be very happy to answer them in full.  Just enter your details below and will will get back to you as soon as we can. 

Terms and Conditions.

Our usual terms and conditions apply.

Discounts apply to payments made before the deadline.  If you pay part of the price only before the deadline then the discount will apply only to that part.  Do please understand that payments will be held in credit for you for up to 3 years but are not refundable.  If you are worried about possibly losing your payment then take out our insurance.