The Golden Lohan Staff

Epsom | November 17, 2019

Open to all Nam Yang members who have learnt the first Nam Yang Staff Routine (Shaolin Tong Cher Kun) in its entirety.

The staff (Gun or Kun in Chinese) is the weapon most characteristic of Shaolin Kung Fu.  In fact, staff techniques form the basis of all long weapon use, hence learning the staff is the key to learning the Shaolin weapon system.  

This course will be focused on learning Nam Yang’s 2nd Staff Routine, Lohan Kim Kong Kun (The Golden Lohan Staff).  It was traditionally practiced with a Hollow Brass Staff. This course is designed for those who know the first Shaolin Staff Routine in entirety and are keen to progress. 


What you will learn:

  • Recapping, Enhancing, and Mastering the Basics: Grip, Stance, Power, Accuracy
  • Understanding the Routine: What are you actually doing? How is this different from the Shaolin Tong Cher Kun?
  • Learning the 2nd Nam Yang Staff Routine (Lohan Kim Kong Kun) in its entirety.
  • Coaching on the Performance of the Routine
  • Working on the more advanced concepts of the Shaolin Staff: Shaolin Inner Strength (Springy Power), Building Character into the Routine (Mind,Body,Spirit)

The course will cost £39.00.  This cost will cover: 6 hrs training; course notes on the staff including a video (slowed from different angles and normal speed); a certificate to be presented on completion of the course.


Emily is an Instructor at Nam Yang Kung Fu Retreat, Thailand and is very passionate and dedicated in her Kung Fu Training.  She began training in Northern Shaolin Kung Fu which she enjoyed greatly but was attracted to Nam Yang in 2016 as a student because of the history and integrity of its arts. Rather than a mix of styles and routines, what she found at the Kung Fu Retreat was a tightly connected system of internal kung fu, external kung fu and weapons supported by the practise several styles of chi kung and the study of Chinese philosophy, strategy and culture.  

After her 6 month stay in 2016, she returned to the Retreat in 2017 to begin the Apprentice Instructor Course.  She stayed at the Retreat for a full 6 months on the program and returned in 2018 to stay full time for 1 year & 8 months. She assists the Nam Yang Team in taking care of the Communications Management and supports the Marketing Team for Nam Yang Kung Fu Retreat.  

Now, she is looking to assist in promoting, encouraging and developing Nam Yang Pugilistic Association and the Tiger Crane Combination world-wide by teaching International Courses and opening a club in the near future.


10:30AM Start: What will be covered?

  • An Introduction to the Routine – What is it? What does it look like?
  • A recap of the basics: Warm up and prep for learning the 2nd routine.
  • Learning the first half:
    • How to do it. 
    • Learning what you are actually doing. 
    • Talk and Exercises to building Character & Power 

1PM Finish


1PM-2PM Lunch Break – can go out as a group or by yourself.


2PM Start: What will be covered?

  • Recap of what you recently did.  
  • An Introduction to the rest of the routine!
  • Finishing the Routine
    • How to do it. 
    • Learning what you are actually doing.
    • Coaching and Details on character building, springy power. 
    • Talk on how to continue training and enhancing the routine on your own or with a partner.
  • Practicing the Routine in full with coaching and feedback – 45 Minutes/1 hour.

5:00PM END!


5:30/6:00PM: Optional Dinner!  Details to be arranged and agreed upon on those who are interested. Please let us know if you are interested.