Improve your health and power with this dynamic martial art

Martial arts disciplines are immensely varied, including everything from striking techniques to meditation and exercises to improve posturing. There are even those that incorporate weapons such as staffs and swords to provide a full body workout and simultaneously boost concentration and coordination.

Qi Gong (alternatively known as Chi Kung) is a flexible practice that can be utilised in several ways. It involves using many different postures, breathing techniques and intense focus to provide physical, medical or spiritual benefits. The practises can be incorporated easily into daily routines to deliver fantastic results for people of all ages and skill levels.

Qi Gong ranges from soft practices like Tai Chi to more intense hard ones that help people to accomplish great feats of strength such as breaking bricks and withstanding heavy blows. One of the most famous hard forms is known as Iron Shirt, and is counted amongst the 72 arts practised in Shaolin Temples. Whatever form it takes, the discipline requires focus to produce real results, but you’ll learn more about your body and your limits as a result.

At our welcoming Qi Gong retreat, we practice a variety of martial arts including Tai Chi and Iron Shirt. The softer techniques are designed to improve your health and energy levels, filling you with vitality and enhancing your performance. On the other hand, harder practices boost internal power so with practise you can learn the focus needed to withstand a heavy blow or deliver one.

All of the martial arts we teach are based on the true Shaolin principles rather than gymnastic or demonstrative arts. With us you’ll learn the right way and experience Kung Fu as it should be. We offer a wide range of courses, including private tuition and intensive sessions. Visitors can stay at our Qi Gong retreat and train for as long as they want, from a few days to several months of even a year or two.

Whether you already practice Qi Gong or want to try something new you can find the perfect course at our retreat. You can find out more about the various packages we offer on our website including estimates of the prices. When you come to us, you can enjoy a retreat that will leave you feeling fitter, healthier and far more focused.