Improve fitness and defence levels with martial arts

Prior to the 1970s, Hong Kong cinema was defined by martial arts movies that largely relied on stock elements such as swords and sorcery. The beginning of the 70s saw the emergence of Bruce Lee, who introduced the revolutionary concept of the unarmed kung fu film. The legacy left by Bruce Lee has inspired generations of martial arts fighters, actors and enthusiasts. Over time, martial arts lessons for fitness and self defence purposes have moved into the mainstream.

Martial arts help you develop essential skills to protect yourself and enjoy the fantastic health benefits of a complete body workout. If you are interested in taking up a new workout program that can offer life-changing benefits, we can help with specially designed instruction courses that cater to the needs of each individual.

In large classes, some students can struggle to get the one on one interaction they need, as it is difficult for one or two instructors to effectively communicate with a class of 200 students or more. We stick to small class sizes that range from one to a maximum of the low twenties. This ensures that nobody misses out on important information and demonstrations. Small classes also help students build a close relationship with their instructors, which supports their personal development.

Our teachers are dedicated full time martial artists who work closely with every student and are fluent in English. We personally interview our students so that we can fully understand all personal goals. We do our utmost to make sure your kung fu holiday will deliver everything you want and need from it.

When you contact us, we will be happy to let you know an estimate of how many other students will be here during your stay and you can book at a time that suits you. We can offer private tuition if preferred as well as an intensive introductory course to give you the perfect start. Contact us for information on our range of courses and the many benefits of a kung fu holiday with us.